I came up with an interesting article about an interesting topic in the field of design game, which awareness you how complicated the work of the game designer. The link to the original is here: > > link < <
And below, only the translation of the passages together with my commentary.

Are there doors in your game?
Can players open them?
Can players open all the doors in the game?
Or maybe some are just a decoration?
How do the player distinguish them?
are Otwieralne doors green and unopenable red? Is there a door that can not be used to put a pile of rubbish, or do you simply remove the handles from them?
Can doors be opened and closed?
How do you allow a player to distinguish between a door which is closed but can be opened from the closed ones?
Does the player know how to open the door? Need a key? Console Shack? Solve the puzzle or wait until the right moment in history arrives?
Are there doors that can be opened by the player, but the player can not pass through them?
Where do the opponents come from? is into through the door? Do the doors close behind them?
How do the doors open? Are they moving or have the usual hinges?
Does the door close behind the player?
What happens when players are two? Does the door only close when the two players pass through?
Will you stop one of the players from moving too far until both players are in the same room?
Does teleport Ociągającego a player?
What size are the doors?
Will one player standing in the door block the other?
Do bigger bosses also have to fit in the door?

Perhaps these questions can be arranged more, but the same thing should make you aware of the big problem is game design. Worse, if everyone is doing their job well, the player will probably not even notice the door.

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