Relationship with Sieldeckiego IGK 2016

It is Tuesday, we have a sunny April morning. I just finished rekonwalesce… The wheel… Rested after Siedlce IGK, which happened this weekend.

My journey began with Krzyśkowi K., whom I especially thank you for providing me with Monterey to Siedlec. Since it was my first IGK conference and the first conference in the field of GameDev KK uprzyjemniał me time in the car with stories of what has happened before and already knew that this would be a very positive event in my life.

Unfortunately, we did not we at the beginning of the conference and Miss us one of the lectures, but we just arrived at the start of the competition for knowledge of games, which consisted of guessing the title after the presentation of images loosely related to a particular game. Unfortunately, (or maybe unfortunately) in the middle of the contest, the projector crashed with the cause of jumping Dalton, which made the fun finishing drawing the manual drawings on the plate. The Quiz was routed by KK, which guessed most of the titles… I won only three points for guessing one title – civilization. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to replace a few sentences with Dalton, who probably saw that I was new and slightly lost, so decided to dare me a conversation. Very positive person.
It was the official end of the Friday IGK. After that began the less official part that took place in the hotel. The various drinks in the room 209 have begun to discuss various topics related to more or less of gamedevem. I had the opportunity to listen to the Raycastingu method of sphere tracking after SDF (, as well as listen and discuss gamification and GMB mainly with regard to the Polish system of education. The event ended around the second night.

The next day, most of us were quite smoothly swept around and in the vicinity of hour 11 we were already in the auditorium to listen to the next series of lectures. On the first fire went gamification theme performed by M. Siekańskiego (Martin Siekańskiego's Blog), which is his length disappointed me. It was too short and too sketchy, but oh well – time constraints. Immediately after that, Janusz Mrzigot, who talked about the problems of Polish game locations, started his lecture. Unfortunately, the second part of his lecture consisted mainly in screening and pointing out errors, which had a fairly low substantive value.
After that we left to straighten the dice, and I was disappeared at the Siedleckich Games Fair that took place in the building next door. ASG theme consumed me so much that missed half of the lecture conducted by polygonal guys-Dalton and Wonskiego. They spoke about things directly related to game design and I very much regret that you I. I will have to wait for the video of the Conference to make up this, although they have already put a link to your presentation: > > link < <
After the lunch break, an extended reality lecture took place. Although the topic is very interesting, the speaker probably lacked the preparation, because he was not sure about what exactly the scope of AR is to speak. There was a lecture about the culture of computer games, which unfortunately did not catch the idea, although it was probably largely due to the fact that part of my attention focused on problems with the Chris of the laptop. Later, the KK began his presentation. He talked about generalized tetrahedral maps of shadows. This name alone did not tell me a little przerażała, but when I saw it in action it turned out to have a lot of sense and it was not so difficult to understand. It's probably the strength of a good presentation.
Another point of the program was the IT Knowledge contest. I did not take part in it because I was afraid of a complete compromise, but later as I knew I had an answer to some questions, although the level was cosmic. I must add that the categories were quite different: "What a Sound", "Network", "Retro games", "C++", "Graphics API" and others. The game won the old goer IGK, whose username unfortunately I forgot, and I had the opportunity to eat breakfast with him this day… A little silly to me.
The last thing that works out this day at the auditorium was the vote on the theme of the compo. I voted for the forest simulator, however, won a small chemist with limitations, which were: kittens, moonshine, survival horror, monsters and cooking.
Just after that, the legs have suffered us to the club PeHa, where the afterparty began, on which we conducted a brainstorming session with the guys who theyed me to his team on the compo. We were looking for the best idea to play and succeeded. Meanwhile, there was a karaoke competition and a wild dance on the package. I, as I'm a little-escorted dance I came out only when most people fled to sleep, and the amount of alcohol in my blood rose to that level, which allowed me to unlock. I do not remember exactly which I returned to the hotel… But I guess it was already late, very late.

Wake up at the eighth hour was torture. I still felt a yesterday party. A curiosity was the substitution for us by a bus from which only three people benefited. The compo started at 9 o'clock. In our team there were two programmers, graphics and me: Świeżak, designer. In connection with my condition and still quite small programming skills I took up the issue of audio in the game. I was not completely satisfied with my work. But the sound of the cat was super:)
Somewhere around 17.30 there was a presentation of created games, unfortunately only two games of the four were playable. Won the team, which was in the name of something with robots, which presented a fairly well-presenting game roguelike-Szacuneczek. My team managed to take the second place in the competition, for which I had a fairly small impact, applause are Grześkowi, Sebkowi and Joseph.

After giving away the prizes for all the contests that took place during the IGK and after the common photo, I quickly fled home as I was exhausted.
… I also was there, honey and wine drank…

It was very positive despite the fact that I had heard that it was better in the past. For a year I will try to also appear.

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