STARDEW VALLEY-Review by Ozi000

Stardew Valley is a game in which you play the grandson of an old farmer having his farm in the title Valley, Stardew Valley. From the prologue we learn that our hero is a corporate rat bored with his work in the company Joja.Co. It therefore decides to proceed to the aforementioned farm.

Our main task is not to cultivate the role, as it might seem, but more important is located near the town called Pelican Town. We take an active part in various holidays and festivals there as well as we find friends (or even someone closer) among the locals.

We can say that Stardew Valley has the main elements of RPG: We have different tasks to perform, separate relationships with each of the residents, different endings of the game as well as pleasing cutscenki. Joja.Co also puts his few pennies into our gameplay – the corporation wants to buy a town and build a nearby great magazine. We can stand on their side or be opposed, which has different consequences. SV-SS #2

After a short describing game and storyline, let's go to describe the elements of the game.

Quite a big plus of the game is that there are many different things that make every player find something for themselves. Someone who does not like agriculture can instead go to fish, play in the woodcutter or in a miner. Each of these works offers other opportunities, but similar profits. However, we can perform any of them elsewhere, e.g. Fish we by the lake, river or sea, and we copy in the mine. It is also worth mentioning that there are mini requiring dexterity, which quite well together with the rest of the game. They are positioned at such a time that the whole makes sense.SV-SS #4

The story is described in a pretty good way through dialogues, but people who will skip the text will also be roughly oriented in it. Quests are almost always on delivery of the item/s to Person Y. We get a little money and gratitude to the person. Most of the tasks, however, have a time limit of 2 days, so sometimes you have to hurry. NPC's are created in my opinion very well and in a varied way. The game has over 30 different characters, and with almost all of them we can have some relationships. Our relationships with others can be improved through conversations and gifts, but it also works the other way-when we ignore a friend for a long period of time he can offend us. In addition, each of them likes different things, so you need to choose the gifts carefully. Each character even has their own daily schedule, depending on the day of the week, season, weather and date.SV-SS #1

Time-The main division of the most important for us is the division of the seasons, which is spring, summer, autumn and winter. During each of these seasons, we can plant something else and collect other objects from the environment. In addition, 2 times during each season there are festivals, where we can get various awards and buy rare items.

The player waits for several endings of the game depending on what decisions it will take. He can save the village, or shove her in the greedy paws Joja.Co. An additional option is the possibility of a wedding with one of the 10 NPC, which entails various consequences and privileges.
Animals also in part are NPC-we can have relationships with each of our students, and when we do not devote them enough time to stop giving us eggs, milk, etc.

+ for elements of RPG-storyline, NPC, quests;
+ for the organized time and the consequences of this flowing;
+ great freedom, the player can directly interfere with the game world, which has the right consequences;
+ Diversity of elements of the game-a mixture of species allows almost every player to find something for themselves;
+ The game will find different secrets and puzzles, so the explorers have what to do;
-Many activities can be very discouraged in the game, because who wanted to fly after a hectare of land with konewką in hand and watering each plant?;

Overall Rating:

The game I recommend and encourage you to buy, it is worth, quickly do not get bored!

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