Gamification in one picture, nicely and colourfully.

The growing strips of experience, progress, badges, achievements and other such goodies is probably something that everyone likes, so it's no wonder that these things are penetrating into the real world. Something like this is called gamifikacją (or more in Polish grywalizacją), namely the transfer of game elements to classes, which are not in themselves neither games nor play to raise the involvement of people in the activities performed.

Do not surprised if it turned out that many of you were dealing with certain elements of gamification even without realizing it. Even loyalty cards bring some game elements to our world, because we need to often tap the right amount of points/Stempelków to get some profit. A more prominent implementation of gamification is introduced some time ago by MBank MGra, which is intended to help the bank's users to familiarize themselves with its capabilities, and by the way promotes services such as rankings and linking the player's account with Fejsbuczkiem. However, my closest gamifikacją in practice is that of Steam. This was probably the world championship, because, first hit the fertile ground (steam-players-gamification), and secondly, generates additional income for the same steam. Level on this platform really does not give anything… Apart from the distinction on the background of others, and on the occasion of this we get points and cool stamps, and that's enough! For many of the way to increase your level is trading cards, and from each transaction Valve gets Procencik.

So what game elements are used to enter gamification?
Scores, leaderboards, progress bars, rivalries, collaborations, rewards, achievements, challenges. In a word, everything that drives these virtual games can drive games in the real world. And where do these things apply? In education, companies, marketing, social campaigns and many other places, which he probably did not I. I the statement that gamifikację can be push wherever contact with each other has at least two people.

Imagine a phone game where you get a discount on shoes when you run 20 kilometers in a given month, or gain free coffee by performing a quest that will rely on taking a photo with your friends under a selected café and then It is available on fejsbuczku. Imagine a list of many achievements in virtually every area of life and the opportunity to show them to others. Great! … but at the same time a bit frightening that people can really do things.

What I wrote here is just a superficial liźniecie theme. There's a lot more on the web!

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