The Sins of Game designers

Not-sure-if-trolling-or-just-bad-game-designI have prepared for you a small list of often encountered and in the occasion of very annoying things in games that could be avoided if only posiedziano to a little more on the design of the game. The list was based on own experience, opinions of others, and similar lists found on the Web (gamerant, PCGamer).

The only right strategy that ensures trouble-free victory.
Enemies Spawnujący to infinity and a game that doesn't knows to tell the player.
CutScenki and videos that can not be missed.
Illogical puzzles, puzzles, levels built against logic.
Mini, which stand out from the rest of the game, and by the way you can not get past them.
Not allowing the player to leave the game. No pause option.
Too much complexity in the game, throwing the player the information that must assimilate to effectively play.
Invisible walls, unjumped wooden hurdles and other things that artificially restrict the ability to move the player.
Insufficient informing the player about the game's action, its objectives, etc.
Taking control of the player's character, especially digging it when the player does not control his hero.
Jumping level of difficulty.
Slow characters that eskortujemy.
Small obstacles prevent a great hero, such as a skinny guard that forbids us to enter a site.
Grind, which is boring and forces us to constantly repeat the same things.
Enemies notifying their companions of the existence of a player by means of thoughts, which especially irritates in skradankowych games.
Button new game instead of to as the first choice in the menu.
Bosses with a long life bar or a tipping game mechanics.
Automatic change of camera settings or position, which is especially annoying when the camera does not show us something important.
Disintegrating doors that can not be opened or weighed.
Strange or absurd conditions for losing. Do not ochroniliśmy the old grandma on the street and we lost because of it.
Savepoint before Filmiku which can not be missed.
No dismissal or ill-made tutorials.
The story Dorabiana on the strength, confusing, unreal, striking the player from the world of the game.
Worthless money in the game.
Poorly designed control or interface that can not be changed.

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And so they look to those who stumbled to these problems…

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