Demonic swords-The text of the World of fantasy

A long time ago, it wanted to say, when the dwarves were yet another fairly cohesive family, although they residing two very distant areas. It was then that two twin swords were forged somewhere in one of the Diabelnych Caverns of the Great wilderness. It was created for one purpose-the sowing of confusion, and were created with envy and fear, which lęgła in the hearts of the elves. They feared the increasing strength of dwarves, as they quickly expanded their estate and strength.

You have to know that at that time the whole race of dwarves was only about 20 generations, so everyone considered themselves as one big family. The whole population was distributed mainly in the mountains around the world, with the largest settlement there; Town wall and in the vicinity of a place called cracked mountain today. For the leaders of both separate clans, the first sons of families Jakke and Brenno were always appointed. In order not to forget the bonds of the dwarves who Urządzano the great church every two years. It was a very huczne feast, which attracted to the time until none of the dwarves were able to drink or eat…. So about a week. During this time, visitors from other parts of the world also arrived to show respect, trade, gift… Well, the third night of the festival came the Elves ' delegation with two richly decorated chests where these two swords were kept. One received Abel Jakke, the second Nille Brenno.

Unfortunately, there are no illustrations that showed us the appearance of these swords, but we have enough information to be able to tell something about their participation in the change of this world. They were reportedly commissioned by an Anetha. They arose from the essence of the soul of one of the powerful demons, which was summoned specifically for this purpose. The demon Spirit is still able to interact with swords to the people who are their holders, stinking their minds, feeding their energies. After several years of twisted chaos, the minds of Abel and Nillena began bratobójczą war. The great Church has never had a place again, and today the Dwarves are divided into northern and southern.

Maybe I'll tell you about the swords themselves. Their descriptions usually talked about 70 centimeters long, straight, without too many embellishments, but with an extraordinary smoothness. In the heads of the two swords are sunk in the eyes of the demon, hence the names of their names-right and left, because in one was the eye left and the other right. Blades are very attached to their owners, so much so that over time they penetrate into their interiors, and then the sword gains new, completely different properties. It can be summoned at any time to appear in the user's hand, and his blade becomes intangible and can penetrate objects without damaging them. The body affected by the blade begins to die instantly even though it will not be scratched. Unfortunately, this strength has consequences, because the purpose of the demon is to replay merge. So it will be conducive to its owner only as long as it is on hand.

Over the centuries, the descriptions of the battles in which these swords were likely to przewijały. Unfortunately, we do not know where they are today.

Lecture by William Vetta
Master of Magic Weapons.

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