About the amount of FPS

For many years in the world of games is fought between 30 and 60 fpsami. Some argue that the human eye is not able to see the difference, these others directly on the contrary.

The truth is that the difference can be seen without a problem and it should not be the center of this confusion. Confusion, as far as anything should arise around whether the more FPS affects the game. Though and it is obvious. Additional FPS help, as they give the player more opportunity to react to what is happening on the monitor.

However, the real drama begins to happen when the game mechanics are related to Fpsami and the game begins to do weird things after unlocking them.

However, the number of frames is not important in each game. In the civilization you last played, I have nothing against the low amount of FPS, but in the case of SuperMeatBoya, if the framerate decreased, the game would become non-playable.

However, I do not want to repeat what has already been well explained in the Filmikach, which linkuję below. If you are interested in this topic, you should be familiar with them.


YT, CinicalBrit


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