Mods issue

WorstuiThe fashion in MMO games is probably quite a sensitive topic. On the one hand, fashion can improve many aspects of the game, which have been overlooked by the creators of the game or not implemented due to lack of time, funds or because there are more important things to do. The Problem arises when fashion is required for effective competition with others.

I do not know the current situation in Wow, but some time ago, the effective game without a few modes of supporting the player was very difficult. For example, some guilds required the members to have specific sets of mods.
The situation in WoT is even worse. Here, add-ons can give the player a great deal of information, even those they did not receive in the normal situation.

I am against such fads. They make people wanting to simply play in something without Wgłębiania in the subject at startup are discriminated against. Games should equally treat all participants of the fun. It is not a good translation that after all can install something…
Security issues are also quite important. Sometimes players download fashion from various strange sources, which puts them on all attacks.

A solution to this problem is to accept mods by game developers and digitally sign them, or to put an interface in the game that allows them to download.

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