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Mind-path-to-thalamus-sea-mirror-ruinsCourtesy of the editorial Gracz.org I can present you a review of the game MIND: Path to Thalamus. This is already a fairly old article (2014), but I think it's worth refreshing because of the interesting concept of the game, and by the way I wanted to draw your attention to the existence of this interesting blog about games and what's associated with them. Commendable in the texts encountered here is a multitude of links, graphics and video clips, which allow you to better acquaint yourself with the described topic. Below paste only the text written by Makabe to see its full version of the link is here:

Gracz.org – MIND: Path to Thalamus 

They say that no words, but deeds testify to man and his character – what do we do, if in the past dopuściliśmy something that we are not really proud of? The trauma caused by such an event may accompany us to the end of life – if of course we do not we our past. In front of this kind of dilemma was the hero of MIND: Path to Thalamus, independent production created by Carlos Coronado, which suddenly became one of the attractions of my last weekend.

At the very beginning of our expedition zorientujemy that the story will come to us to know the monologue spoken by the main character (he shares with us his thoughts during the whole game). I do not want to spoil you, of course, the fun that comes from discovering it-I just add that everything is quite confusing here… The main problem with which it will face our hero are grief and despair, caused by the loss of a beloved daughter named Sophia. This is a result of the recollection of the uneasy relationship with the father and the general confusion that is due to the difficulty of determining where we really are.

Mysterious and surreal land to which we, in fact, is merely a product of our hero's imagination-a place in which we must face the demons of the past, and once and for all to deal with the coexists curse over it. Moreover, as the title suggests, the action will take place in a position known as Thalamus – part of the brain responsible for perception of sensory stimuli. The gameplay itself is based here on exploring this strange land, interacting with the environment and solving logic puzzles, which, as the story develops, become increasingly difficult. We will therefore manipulate the environment and the weather (fog, rain, day and night) to reach the final of the story. This title was created based on OUDK, or Unreal Engine 3-interested refer to the material below.

In. MIND: Path to Thalamus is an intriguing title that combines the features of several species-with logical puzzles at the forefront. The story can, however, moments znużyć, and still repeated monologues of the main character nicely peeve. It took me a 5 and a half hours to complete the game (if not logic puzzles, this time would probably be half shorter). The story told in this production is not at the end of such a bad, but it was possible to fine-tune it, so that it came together with a pretty good gameplay. Not every title has to be perfect, right? Then we would quickly get them all bored… You can buy the game here.

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