They stole my idea for the game!

Content-marketing-stolen-ideasDoes anyone of you have such a good idea for a game that is afraid to show it to the world in fear of being stolen? Wandering around various online forums I noticed that many juvenile game designers feared that someone else would use their idea.

Don't be!
I used to mention that the game's ideas are very cheap. Anyone who works in the gaming industry has probably some ideas for something as original or possessing some unprecedented featursy. The idea itself is not enough to make a good game of all time, although I do not deny that there are some games that have introduced a revolution in that it popped in them something actually new (Minecraft). However, these are exceptions. If you are just starting your way to the game designer, then do not be afraid that someone steals your idea, because it is probably secondary, poorly described and probably weak. Sad but true.

However, hiding your ideas for the drawer often Wyrządzisz hurt yourself. When you publish your ideas, you show others your creativity, which can draw your attention to others if your ideas prove good. But if they are weak, then people will probably tell you about it, they'll let you know what they liked and what might be grinding.

I'll repeat myself again: the idea is not all. Look at the game NoTimeToExplain. The game is based on a very simple mechanics, which was already reworked many times. There is no meaningful history, but only some small hooks that give this game a unique taste. It is worth remembering that this game was anything, if not its good performance, calibrate the mechanic and the appropriate design levels. This stuff is also a designer job!

If it convinced someone to publish their idea, then let them resume to me, probably also willing to mention it.

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