Sins of Terrarium

TerrariaToday I put on the shelf of my steam library terrarium. I went back to this game after (I think) półtorarocznej break. I wanted to check what has changed…

Unfortunately, little. At least not in a matter that has made me unable to fully enjoy this game just like Minecraft. I must say, however, that I do not consider these games to be weak. These are very good games, but they have some great disadvantage, which is… Their size and complexity.

These are games so elaborate and complicated that it can not be played without the help of some external information in the form of wiki. Of course there is nothing wrong with the fact that the game is very elaborate. However, you need to remember this to efficiently convey the knowledge to the player about what to do, how to achieve some progress. Playing terrarium a lot of time I spent browsing the wiki to find information about what I have now done, how to use certain things or how to get them.Guide

You me like I solved this problem. In Terraria add a story that Popychała the player slowly forward. NPCs could interact with the player, translating him some things in simple quests. I do not know how much it actually helped, but worse probably will not…

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