South Claw Peninsula-a description of the region from the world of fantasy

The southern part of the Claw's peninsula in front of us. It can be divided into two main parts: the Western-Rocky and the Eastern covered dunes formed from fine biting sand. The sand originates mainly from three volcanoes located on the island of Oleg. During stormy periods, Wywiewany is over the sea of tears, where it is given in the signs of seafarers. From the dunes emerge the remains of one of the first golems, which was unieszkodliwiony with a simple spell read from the scroll in the first minutes of one of the smaller skirmishes with the guerrillas Rumbloru, who in the past did not want to Subordinate to the Duchy of Seireit. Somewhere beneath these dunes there is also a great temple complex, which was intended to be God whose name is better not pronounced in these pages. Today, there are mainly Szabrownicy, who still count on the fact that they will hit some valuable loot.

The history of this region was born with Nezainem. At the time of his birth, this place was covered with a dense and perilous wilderness, where only three larger settlements were found: Claw, Rumblor and the widower of today. The young Nezai craved power and power. He quickly seized power in the area and began rebuilding the claw in the stronghold and ordered the construction of the fleet. The forests quickly cut, left only a small orchard in the south. These actions made the earth dried and changed into deserts. Then she rose to a rebellion that wanted to topple a noneconomic leader. Nezaina kidnapped, was subjected to public torture, and finally was him kill… What failed. Przebijano him with a sword, Truto, stew, was even quartered. His body continually scalałoed what was received by the people as a miracle and a harbinger of state renewal. He was appointed a holy chosen, and the members of the rebellion fled or met their revenge. These events strongly retook on Nezainie. Initially thinking only about themselves and their goals began to think of their people. All citizens carry out his commands without hesitation. The country with the ruins przeistoczył quickly into a bustling machine. The sand from the wykarczowanej of the wilderness has long been wywianyed, revealing in the land many caves and cracks that have been smoothly transformed into something that they called the green Chambers. Mirrors systems and lenses bring light into their interior. These underground complexes are also the ideal defensive system of the country. No one dared to enter here with the army knowing that the underground mazes could move enemies.

I hope you didn't get bored with this story. We will take a break at the well stepped. There is free parking, as well as water, and the prices are very affordable. This was another immortal nod to merchants.

A little farther south there are great paintings of animals whose shapes are made of suitably spaced stones. You will not see them from the earth… They are simply too great. They belong to the followers of the animal spirits, the remnants of the Druid's religion, which bloomed here at a time when the trees were located here.

Finally we reached our next goal: Claw Fortress. Look at the emblems on the flags. A big bear with bloody paws walking through the forest. It is a souvenir from the time of youth Nezaina, when he ran a bloody campaign. Despite the fact that he ruled the country for over hundred years has not decided to change it. The city is surrounded by a high wall of about three meters, thick for two, and additionally naszpikowanym rifles and guns. The state does not maintain the professional army. Every citizen, if necessary, is called to fight, and in order to make sense everyone is equipped with weapons and once a year undergoes military training. This place has its own specific climate. The streets are decorated with variety paintings, mainly referring to the motifs of the sky, woods and animals. It is also evident that the local population Upodobała columns. A state element of each structure. An interesting thing about this city is the South Gate. Its gates lead to voidness. Rather I should say in the abyss of knives. This is the result of an earthquake that occurred some 200 years ago. It resulted in the breaking of the peninsula into two parts – the one on which we are and the other side where the Old Orchard is located. The mischievous people say that the claw is stępił. However, no one weighs this to say while staying here. Go to the Palace of Heaven. This is where Nezai lives, but this building is open to all but a few rooms. Its main parts consist of a market place, a garden, a library and a workshop on the top of flying machines, and that is where we are heading. On the roof we are already waiting for the Dragonfly-a light, fairly provisionally-made glider for two people with additional chain-foot drive. Having regard to the difference in height and the distance between us and Inferium we will recommend there without a problem. In the past, I already had the opportunity to fly like that, so do not be afraid.

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