Game differentiation

Tomb_raider_2013_screenshotsMonotone in the game is something that can destroy even the best idea. For this reason, game designers try to spice up the game in all possible ways, though not always hit. An example of poor game play are often mini-games Wplatana in some productions (I write about them something in the near future).

But how can you differentiate your gameplay?

There are many ways. The easiest way to do this is to show examples.

Tomb Raider (2013)

In this production the player is thrown into various locations where we usually have quite a lot of freedom of movement. The aim of the game is to find members of the ship's crew on which sailed, but to do so we have to overcome many obstacles. From the beginning of the game we are zaznajamiani with sites-riddles, we have to fight, Hunt, look znajdziek, sneak, flee. To this time, we meet opponents who require us to change tactics. We also get new weapons that we improve. If it were a little around us the locations change quite often, so that the landscape is not bored. It also needs to be mentioned that playing with time offers us a larger range of moves, which gives even more leeway and forces the player to consider whether or not sometimes it opened access to some site, which has already expired.

Fallout 2

In this already quite leciwej production, too, we can see many elements that differentiate the game. Different opponents, different weapons, locations. Many characters with whom we can talk, and often do some tasks for them. We explore the map in search of different places. It is not possible to forget that our character continues to develop during the game.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This is a masterpiece of subtle changes in the game, because in the play only one thing: killing enemies and reaching the goal. Each mission is divided into several stages in which what we do differs from each other. In the first mission at the beginning of the fight in the corridor, then we defend ourselves in the warehouse, so that in a moment in the same room attack the enemy from the top. The end of with mission is a dynamic escape from the water zalewającą ship.Callofduty4-140

This game perfectly shows the idea of what I want to convey. How to differentiate gameplay in one action without additional elements.

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