Review Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers-A-tale-of-two-sons-downloadThis game captivated me when I first turned it on. The electrifying impression was that the main menu went smoothly into the entrance, which he the boy Wspominającego the death of his mother. I don't know why, but the atmosphere of these few moments made me shivers on my hands. Then another shock when the intro smoothly went into the right game. At the moment I was already extremely warm-geared to this game. After one quick screen that took me to the control I devoted a moment to Rozejrzenie. Graphics can be called beautiful. I'm not estetą, but captivated me its simplicity, lighting. After a while I went for the right game…

At this point a bucket of cold water was poured over me. I that the game is not playable on the keyboard because of what lies at its base, which is the simultaneous control of two characters. Simply can not be done effectively, because the characters still mingled to me… Of course you can say that you do not przywykłem to something like that and it will be right. Another problem was to lock my keyboard when I pressed too many keys in one moment, which made it even when I sterowałem correctly, it was a game and so did not do what I want. But I have to give justice to game developers-a warning about the required controller is very clear, and I'm going to soon approach this game stocked with any… Despite the fact that I do not like this tool.

And the reason I want to do this is simple: this game seems to have something that makes me want to check it.

I shoot that this thing is mainly the climate and the story told. She is very positive and uplifting. Certainly, there are no puzzles or challenges posed to the player. For about an hour the game did not happen to me to jam at any time. Is it okay? A little bit like that… Not a little. I need to arrange the controller and then check what's next…

A week later, already with the controller…

Smiling after shopping I went home with zeal to re-test the game. What was my surprise when I found out that the game still doesn't work as it should. It turned out that the control of the older brother with the controller was badly done, was simply reversed in relation to the younger brother. After a quick search on the internet it turned out that this is a widely known problem, which despite the fact that the solution is known has not been corrected. This is a big minus for this production. If you stumbled a similar or different problem with this game, probably here > LINK < will find a solution.

Since the crash played very little, it took me a while to get used to the dual stick, but after several minutes of control of the brothers I went much better than on the keyboard. Unfortunately, my character confusion remained. I also learned that in this game you can perish, but the game was always against me fair. I always received information about what to avoid and about my failures (which there were many) I could only blame myself. Something that annoyeded me mercilessly was spinning the reel by the guys to pick up his father on the platform. This has happened tragically slow, and the game did not tell me in any way, so this action to speed up. I tried waving joyas in different ways, I tried to quickly squeeze some keys (which usually interrupted the action and I was forced to spin from scratch), all this without effect.

This will be another game, which in the Internet collect quite good ratings, and from me to get such a 4-. Big Plus for the overall concept, for the climate, for the story, for level design, but unfortunately the control will only match a small group of players, and the rest would have to spend a lot of time to adapt and get pleasure from the game.

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