I mentioned recently about the fact that I usually do not like when the games are added Mini. This is not without cause, because often the mini are put on strength, which in turn makes them stand out from the main game.
Sprecyzujmy, however, what are these mini. It is a certain part of the game that makes your mechanics stand out from the rest of what we do. I guess each of you stumbled in a game skradankowej, shooter or RPGu on the theme of opening locks or hacking terminals. In the case of castles, we usually get a simple logical puzzle in which the most common is to set the elements in the correct position or to adjust them. Terminals usually offer us some more elaborate puzzle or skill games.
I have two problems with Minigrami. The first is that they often stand out from the rest of the game. It is worth mentioning the fun in the plumbing in Bioshock. Is this game puzzle-arcade fits such a dark shooter? Not! Although I can understand the reasoning of the game designer that he designed; Underwater city, water, pipes, leaks.Bioshockhacking
Another example is to let the planet scan in Mass Effect 2. Is it interesting to fly the mouse on the surface of some planet in search of a place where the bar grow as high as possible?
Why someone pushes a logical game in a dynamic shooter and does not give the player the ability to evade it?

But let's get to these good mini… which are not so mini.
The first of such mini in which I liked to play was Acromage, who appeared in the game Might & Magic 6 (or 7, I do not remember exactly). It was a card in which our task was to destroy the enemy tower.
The second good minigrą is the thread from the village.
Aside from the fact that these games were very good in themselves, it did not bear to the player. Ability to choose between ' 'zagram ' and ' not play ' a lot of changes.Arco3

So I have for you this advice:
Do not push to their games mini unless it will be consistent with the whole world and dynamics. Do not try to force the player too

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