Interview with FrozenShade, creator of Skullstone

Main_image. Thumb. jpg. 205ddae12bf85f41d423136a5fb063d3Once again I have the pleasure of talking to the creator of some game. Today, my guest is Kamil aka. FrozenShade, and the game on which he works is called Skullstone.

How many people work on Skullstone and what do they do?

Nine people are working on the game:
Łukasz 'Winhelp '-Our main 3d graphics. It is with him to determine the construction of the game from the graphics.
Hubert-3d graphics, all these animated models monsters is his make-up.
Przemek 'Graphos '-cartoonist and concept artist. He painted character portraits, the monsters are modelled based on his drawings. also draws comics.
Sebastian 'Souurcer '-2d graphics, did a GUI and works on Layem to the Web page.
Marcin-SFX from necessity, is granted when designing quests, sketching the story, generally tosses ideas.
Sawa-The concept of an artist
Kamil 'FrozenShade '-that is, I, programmer and designer.
Over the musical setting of the game watches the band "Wight Ash" composed of Cerowit and platypus.

So you have quite a lot of ferajnę. Don't miewacie problems with dogadywanieming? Meet and discuss the topic in the real world?

Not. We all know only online. Something like that happened, that we can very well get along. Everyone also engages in a different team, we do not impose anything.


Where did the idea on the resurrection of the genre (tile based FP Dungeon Crawer) that had already practically died? Do you have any idea how to bring it back to life?

You see, for me this species has never died. I'm one of those who played in the crawlers behind the days of their glory, even before the PC era. And so I left, to the Dungeon master I like to get back sometimes.

Once buried on the network in search of other games of this type and found something unusual: it goes to the Legend of Grimrock. Such a Dungeon Master with 3d graphics, everything written anew, so modern, but with the observance of the climate. Well, I played in this Grimrocka and at the same time I put my first steps in the world Gamedevu. First, the programming of the server page for 'prywatnego server ' a very popular MMORPG, then I wrote something full of its own, such farmstyle klikankę. At some point I found that I feel adventurous on something really serious-well, we take the crawler. Fast research: Grimrock broke the black robot with the revival of the genre, very well sold. In an independent Gamedevie Kiełkowało several other crawler projects. I decided it was a good time to popłynięcie on a new wave and at the same time filling a niche.

What role in the game will play the storyline?

The story is rather a side matter. It is intended to explain why a group of adventurers ened after some underworld, provide a cool intro, to be a backdrop for several stories told in the occasion of subquests. You can not probably too much sfabularyzować surfing the dungeons

The story probably can always introduce something interesting to the game. For example, Diablo, who was also a crawler, without Diablo, it would not be the same. I think it is fun to see some closer goals that can be achieved during the game.

We also 'coś ' waiting at the bottom of these dungeons, something opened the underworld. Intro will provide this information.

What is your plan to make the fight in Skullstone interesting? I am not convinced of the Realtime Dungeon Crawler based on Tielsach. 

Abomination. Thumb. png. 24b36913bbd70533c6345e8682512114 First of all, we will not repeat the mistakes of Grimrocka and all the old crawlers. There's one tactic to work with each enemy. Łaziłeśed around Mobka and tłukłeśed him before he could reverse. As far as in the Dungeon master, it was still somehow cool in the grime completely spoil game.

In Skullstone Moby they know more. In addition to the standard melee attack and shot from a projectile at a distance, the straight line, of course, will be able to get an area attack or some debuff. You meet a spider, you want to 'zatańczyć ' around him, on a good day, however, you get curse Web. And it's in addition to the distance, diagonally and the mob stood to you sideways. So despite 'kratek ' we have a nod to realism.

Classic crawlers fight against individual opponents, rarely gets a situation when the player is surrounded. Well, here we do otherwise-such situations will be more, monsters will suddenly spawn in certain specific places, much more often the team will be surrounded by enemies without the possibility to escape to a safe place and cut mobs individually.

The fight itself will not be boiled to click on the attack and wait for reuse. Each character has a unique set of three active skills. Their principle of action resembles the skill of MMORPG games, which is a selfbuff, buff on the entire team, buff linked to a debuff. Example: Increase defense While the team is stationary. They can attack but can not walk. or reduce your defenses while increasing your attack. Increase defense and simultaneously increase the chance that a character will be hit (such a tank)…

What's in addition to the fight waiting for the player?

Crab. Thumb. png. cf6bc40a05a507096af61ae078a55729Collect items and arming characters. This is something I think everyone likes. Discovering hidden chambers, solving riddles (place something here, set the wajchę, will open a hidden passage). and subquests mostly involving the gathering of illus items there, such as trophies from some moba, fragments of some artifact scattered the underworld…

Tell us about stats and character skills. How will they influence the game?

Statistics are such a classic: strength, dexterity, intelligence, body building and perseverance. They are the basis for calculating damage, maximum HP and EP (energy point, such mana to all). Will not be developed when 'lvl up ' but using abilities and magical items-rewards of quests. Ability is the equivalent of passive skill, eg, allows you to use a type of weapon, wear a certain type of armor, use magic or simply give you a bonus. Ability are developed using the points you receive every level. About skill (active skills) already mentioned.

Did you devote a lot of time to designing the game before working?

Ghoul. Thumb. png. 7183910404b5805616f74d507659ddf0Not

The designs that I have applied are so universal that in a very easy way I will be able to play balance. Their general concept went on my head for a long time and could be used for any RPG game. Bonus mechanics is literally removed from MMORPG games-with us initially they were to be awarded only from the inventory and ability. Skills appeared in the course of the game and the code was so flexibly written that the hardest thing when they introduced was a invention where to shove them on the GUI

The most important part of the design is just before us-mentioned balancing the game, because the whole gameplay must be flow. Build levels, quests and riddles. For now we end up creating all the necessary bricks, soon we start to stack them, adjust to each other, prune.

How big Will the underworld be? Will there be a breakdown of the specific levels, will each have a specific climate? Maps will be created manually or via the generator?

40×40, pre-13-14 levels, but I do not have a program for anything rigid, so it can change when we start leveldesign. In the plans there are 4-5 different outfits of the underworld, so far presented is just one of them. The guys from the ashes of Wight are announcing that for each décor will be another soundtrack.

Thanks for answering the questions!

Golem. Thumb. png. 075f25fc8efe1ed727bc48424f015142More information about this project can be found here:

Gamedevcity Forum


YouTube Channel

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