Minecraft changed the world

It's impossible to deny that Minecraft has changed a lot in the gaming world… And even beyond.797

First of all, we learned that the players can be patient to get what they want. In this game to do something big you need a lot of time, planning and gathering materials. I spent a lot of time looking at the materials for my building, and the other so much I thought about how exactly it looks. What I was not bored with was the 'grindowania of raw materials, because I was waiting for me many dangers umilających my work.
Redstone mechanisms allow you to do wonders within the game. Apparently, when in Minecrafcie someone will build a computer faster than his own, it runs out of the world. Sam learned interesting things from the scope of logic toying with red powder.
We learned that players love to create things in games, not just passively receive them.
You can't overlook the impact of Minecraft on increasing people's interest in programming and networking. After all, there are still private servers for this game, fashion and many other things.
Certainly Minecraft has changed the game. As mushrooms, new productions appear inspiring in the work of Notcha. Ignoring these games, which were attempting to be plain copies with minor variations we got Trove, terrarium and many other games that drew some elements, threw them into the boiler as a result of something quite new.. For example DayZ.
Minecraft also reminded us that it is not graphics is paramount, and more importantly it is not so important for those youngest players. Too often the impression is that a game was created only to boast of new graphics effects. We that this gameplay is the most important.
It has also been proven that piracy is not able to destroy a good game. Minecraft was probably the most popular piraconym product of recent years. Despite this, it managed to sell over 23 million copies (Https://minecraft.net/stats). In addition, approximately 8,000 new owners of the game arrive daily.
Thanks to this game there were a lot of communities focused around building themes, redstone, creating servers. The game pushes people to communicate with each other, to exchange thoughts. This is great!
Minecraft also leaked into the real world. Creepery has already in culture. On the internet we find many clips, where the theme is the characters from this game. In the shop we buy Lego bricks in the shape of… Bricks alluding to Minecraft. Even in schools, they started to convince themselves that games of this type could make sense.

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