Indian Problem with testing games

Sad_developerSome time ago I had the opportunity to read this text: The author moves there quite an interesting problem lack of sufficient number of cheap testers, who would be easily accessible to small game developers.

In my head thought the idea of a platform of game testers and developers. According to this idea, testers received to check the game that would fit their profile. For every valuable (would have to create a proper system of Osądzający) Comment tester would virtual cash that could be dedicated to the keys of the game or anything else. An additional reward could be a copy of the game, badges, achievements and other gamifikacyjne things. The dream would be to connect such a service with the Steam gaming platforms, which even offer easy sharing of screenshots of the game, so that the tester could show the problem found even more easily and more accurately. What cost would developer? Rather negligible, because the system was based on the Zapaleńcach, who are ready to devote a large part of their time to play something for free, and then spend the fund on a game that they want to actually purchase. For example, any help of a tester could generate a profit of five cents, which would give us 20 tests at the price of one euro. Of course, they had to create mechanisms to prevent abuse of the system.

Anyway, I have the impression that this concept could make sense in today's Indian invasion. What do you think about this?

ps. GG proposed to create a game that will give the task of testing another game. Incepcyjna trivia:)

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