Higher education in Poland and creating games

Somehow in mid-April I decided to check what higher education schools offer training in the development of games, especially their design. I noticed that it does not happen well…

I came to the Jagiellonian University. Here the last information about the started recruitment for the direction of the game comes from the year 2011. My question regarding the existence of this direction remained unanswered today, making me a little zasmuciło.

I was also greeted at the Warsaw School of Film (WSF), which also tempts future game creators. In this case, there was no doubt about the action of this direction. Also, a description of what will happen during the course of study has left no doubt. A big plus is the university's cooperation with companies in the industry. To them I also sent an email asking how many graduates manage to get a job in the profession, here is what prizes to win, the titles of games that have come out of the hands of students. Unfortunately, no one replied to me.

The last school, which interested was the Silesian University (US), and more specifically the art department, which has a direction designed for game designers. Unfortunately, no information about the current recruitment and no responses to my email.

In my eye, I got a few universities that offer, for example, postgraduate studies (AGH), but in the center of my attention remained a bachelor's degree. A little hurt me a total lack of response from the schools…

However, when you decide to choose a school, take into account what you want to teach you. Do not be caught in learning one or two tools, because working in the industry you will need the ability to quickly adapt to many different solutions. Workshops are probably the best way to learn how to create games – take this into consideration. Do professors have any effect on their account in this area? What are the job opportunities for this school? Can you expect an internship at a partner company?

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