Ronin_176vqCan the great concept of the game arise in a short time? Of course, yes. An example of this is the Ronin Tomasz Wenceslaus, whose base arose during the days compo. The game has undergone appropriate grinding and now we can get it on Steam and was in the Humblebumblowej package a month ago. Here a link to the topic games on WarsztatGD 

For those who do not know what this game is, I say. It is a tactical turn-based platformer of action, although ridiculously it would not sound, it is the closest truth to the wording that came to mind. In the game, move the warrior with the sword, and for the task we wade through the crowds of enemies, which is not so easy. I'm very hard to describe this concept in a few sentences, so I'll use Filmiku:

I must say that the concept of the game really came to my liking. I felt a tense action, and by the way I could calmly rethink my actions. Every kill of an opponent brings devilish satisfaction due to juicy execution animations. On the occasion of animation I have to mention that the whole artwork also appealed to my liking, simply simple, neat, minimalist. Sounds and music, also anything itself. I still felt like in one of the Japanese clubs that I saw in the movies.

Well, but the game also has its shortcomings, as it often simply felt through it deceived. When jumping in combat, the game shows us the place where we land. Unfortunately, it happens that what the game tells us is passing away with the truth. In an attempt to evade evasion, it may be that our character does not zeskoczy the platform and we will get the ball. Combining this with the fact that the game does not forgive mistakes we get a mixture that has forced me several times to leave the computer. Likewise, happens when we jump on someone to make him stun. The game does not inform us if the track of our pitch changes and usually it is. Another problem was my guess, or when I jump into the place, whether I would be safe or not. Often, when it seemed to me that a missile would fly just above my head, it was shattered by the skull of my hero. Another time I was fighting with the samurai, I was convinced of his defeat, because the red line that marks the direction of the opponent's attack went through my character. I was surprised when the enemy for a few meters away from me.

My problems can be solved quite easily by adding an outline of the hero's silhouette in a place where I plan to end the movement, so that I know if something threatens me, better inform the player about how to finish his jump, or even letting him or something hit And a better drawing of the path of the samurai attack.

I could get a grip on a small variety of levels and not until the end of a clear system to remain hidden… But that's no longer the matter.

In connection with these problems I came probably only half the game, the mission in which we kill the officer. Maybe I'll write an update of this text in the future when I know about the patch for this game. Super game destroyed by the fact that cheats players…

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