Game designer or eternal student

The work of the game designer is a zajęzie requiring a lot of knowledge, and even greater skills to assimilate new skills and information.

When designing the game you will be forced to learn to operate new tools for graphics processing, sound, animation creation, graphs, 3d models, creating levels. You will potrzeboawł the ability to work with various types of game engines and programming languages. I will tell you that it is worth learning these things not only for their acquaintance. The more you know about these programs, the better you will understand the work of others in your team, but also you will see some elements on the action which you can base the game. You better understand the relationship between the pieces of the puzzle and the different ideas will begin to come to your mind.

You will also need to know the topics about which you create the game. You will need to understand how to create a submarine game. Perhaps some things can be adapted as interesting mechanics in the game. If it is a historical game, then you will probably want to refer to certain events and put in the game characters, ships, places that existed in Przeszłośći.

The designer's work is a never-ending science.

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