Digital Dragons 2016-#1 report

Digital Dragons is an event aimed at people in the gaming industry, where you can meet many people from the biggest Polish (but not only!) companies and many less known Indians. Information on the event plan can be found at this link: Agenda DD2016

Below is my relationship with this event.

The evening on Sunday, 15 May, I went for a little walk around Krakow. Accidentally came to the old depot in which the next day will be held event. At the entrance, I met a few other people who leżakowały a drink of some 'soki ', was there also Dalton, whom I had already a pleasure to meet in Siedlce. Unfortunately, I could not afford a longer chat, because przymierałem hunger, because as usual Znienacka came a green feast and closed the shops. After receiving a seat and a small welcome package, I went on looking for food.
In Monday morning I decided that I would forgive myself for the festive opening of the event, so I gain some extra minutes of sleep. After arriving at the place I immediately moved to Hall A, where there were speeches about the design of games. Leszek Lisowski of Westlands Interactive appeared on the stage first. The title of his speech is: Never give up! Importance of love and passion in delivering the right product that gamers expect to receive. I will not tell you what each of the people would say, because the official YT channel already appear recordings of these instances > LINK <. I have to mention that all speeches were in English, so if you do not know a miracle yet, it is time to catch up.
The voice was then taken by John Romero, the creator of games such as Doom and quake. Since I had never interesteded me for much of his productions, I decided to skip his speech and go to the Expo Hall, where there were stalls of various companies related to the gamedev industry and the encampment of Indians who presented their games. about what games were in the Expo Hall, you'll find out the next text that will appear in 2 days.
After John's lecture, another guest from abroad appeared on stage, namely Feargus Urquhart of Obsidian Entertaiment, and his speech was titled: 25 Yeard Down, 25 years to go: a life creating games. He talked about how he worked on Fallout, Pillarsami. His lecture was great – he gave a lot of knowledge in a friendly form.
As another he took the voice of Michael Madej from CD Projekt RED, and he spoke about the dark side of the game design. Despite the fact that he spoke interestingly, I had to fight with Morfeuszem-I do not know why, except for temporary fatigue and hunger. After his speech, I went back to the Expo Hall to watch more games and talk more with people, and eat something.
At the end of the day I went to afterparty, at the beginning of which the awards were awarded. There was no surprise to anyone that the competition was far behind for The Witcher 3, which scooping any prize he could have. The statuettes hand was interspersed with music performed by a string quartet, which performed fragments of songs that were nominated in the best audio category. When everyone took their dragon eggs, the main part of the evening was the event. Unfortunately, the bartenders did not make up with the support of so many people, so on his first drink I waited for about an hour. Later luckily it was better. I returned to the apartment around the first night.

On Tuesday I woke up about an eighth, which allowed me to get out to the touch to reach the talk of Dominica from the Bloober Team. She told her about her death, her meaning, and her application in the games. Unfortunately, probably have the consequences of the previous day, because it was the worst lecture on which I had the opportunity to be, usiałem very listen in her words to understand the meaning of expression. After the Dominica appeared Kuba Stokalski of 11bit Studios, who talked about methods of finding solutions to the game design, and after him someone who waited, or David Brevik, who told the history of the formation of Diablo. I laughed a little, and by the way I heard a very informative story.
Once again I went to Hall Expo, and I just returned to the lecture Tymona Smektały of Techlandu, who talked about how to design a good DLC. Immediately after finishing this lecture again I went back to the Indian positions to make the last time to have a look at the games they presented.
Unfortunately I could not afford to be at the giving of the awards to indie developers, because I wanted to return to Warsaw on the same day.

Overall, the impression of the event was very positive, but it was something completely different from the event that took place in Siedlce. There was a lot of opportunity to talk about the industry with many people, and even look for a job. Unfortunately, people were too many to be able to actually make friends with them, which did not take place on IGK, where there was a much more family atmosphere.

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