Digital Dragons #2-Indian games

I present to you a list of games in which I had the pleasure (or not) to play during Digital Dragons 2016 in the Expo Hall. I put here only the games in which I had the opportunity to play in person. I do not put here the production, which I did not check personally, and there were a few such.

4 Seasons
Very pleasing in reception, a logical mobile game with a spiritual message. Umilała me back home from the event.

Assassins vs Pirates
This is a game that I had already had the opportunity to meet earlier in Siedlce. Cool, dynamic game, which unfortunately suffers from a small base of players, without which it is not able to give fun at the right level.

Angry John
This is a roguelike shooter benefiting inspiration from other similar games. The weapon modification System is very interesting. It is a pity that the control of pad, which was presented on the presentation was poorly executed. Even so, it was my favorite.

BlackSmith Hit
he game became me with its simplicity. You should simply pat the left orb of your phone so that the blacksmith does the right action. It was the only game in which I did the rage quit. Already after about 10 seconds of playing, just after tempted appeared to me to trawjąca half a minute ad. Fail made with pazerności, like I.

Coffee Noir 
An economic and educational game in the atmosphere of the detective novel. Very cool execution, however I am one of those people that easily scare the amount of text in the game, and this is very much here. It may be interesting for people who want to learn something about marketing.

Chernobyl VR 
It was a virtual tour to Chernobyl. I could take a look at a deserted city with a bird's eye and visit several objects. Unfortunately motion sickness not let me have a long trip in this world.

Zombie Hunters 
If you are interested in the grind and the fight consisting of clicking one button without any depth, it's way free… I mentioned payments?

Maze Bandit 
Cool Arcade-puzzle game with the ability to create levels for other players.

Out Reach 
The technical problems that met the guys depicting the game had no end. This is another survival game already available in early access. The version in which I had the opportunity to play was quite zbugowana, but despite the fact that I closed on the eye, did not captivated me.

Classic horror S-F. You wake up in a spaceship and do not know what's going on, and somewhere there is a monster that wants to catch you. The climate was not particularly appealing to me, as well as the design of the levels.

Rage Disco 
Fabulously-looking game (made in UE4), which consists of przedzieraniuing through the party, avoiding lasers and the collection of all sorts of stimulants.

The creators of this game paid me in chocolate and other gifts for a good reputation for their work. And so seriously, it is a great zapowiadająca turn-based strategy game with fairytale graphics. I received the press preview key, so you can expect a deeper opinion as soon as it will be given to me for longer to play (probably after 1 July, when it is to start the preview).

With no time for this game I sat down only for a moment. Its concept, however, is very interesting: isometric, Sandoxowa RPG game with elements of parkour. I think it's worth going to follow this title.

TrainsVR and Wrath of Loki 
Both games were made by the House of fables, both of them were VR games. Both titles were definitively unfinished, but they offered some experience.

The game had quite complex assumptions, which even part was not shown at the expo, so unfortunately I did not remember them. In any case it was about villagers, werewolf and multiplayer. The project was in a very early stage, so you have to hope that it will develop into something worth noting. This team proved that it is not possible to be afraid that your game is still in infancy.

And that would have been enough. If either of these games has been encouraging you, it may be worth writing to the creators some warm word in the style of "Super announces, I will wait," I assure you that such words can be very helpful in working on any production.

It is worth noting that most of the depicted games were made with Unity.

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