Golems and Souls-text from the World of fantasy

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The souls are something half-material, and semi-elusive and incomprehensible. They are the essence of life – most living creatures possess them. Of course the soul is uneven. There are many types: human, elven, heating, cursed, divine and demonic, strong and weak, animal and… The existence of plant souls has not yet been proven. In any case there are many and often very different. The power of the soul consists of several factors, such as magic, will, unwavering. It is not entirely clear whether the power affects these components or vice versa. Souls are something delicate. They can be easily damaged or destroyed. In a dead body, the soul is able to survive only a few moments after which… Here are some hypotheses. Some say they just disappear, others that re-merge with the world, others say they go to another world. How many people have so many conjectures, and for the moment we are unable to confirm or refute any.

However, we can do some manipulations on souls. For example, we can remove them from bodies and place them in properly prepared vessels. Unfortunately, the body without its life sparks becomes an empty, free shell capable of performing only simple unconditional reflexes such as swallowing or awkward gait, and in addition, within a few days, begins to die. The vessels of the souls are still very imperfect technology, although day-to-day progress is made in this area. In the average container the soul undergoes gradual degradation, and the speed of this process depends mainly on its power. Extremely strong specimens can survive unchanged even without any dish, but these are extremely rare accidents and poorly described. Fortunately, our colleagues at the University of Nilrema have developed an experimental method of securing the soul. Hopefully soon the data will test it to me. There are of course methods of regenerating souls, but they are eminently expensive and difficult to perform. In the wider group, it is quite reluctant to mention souls, because at one of the conventions of combined magical and engineering teachings it was unanimously established that practice is morally reprehensible, at least until a better understanding of the Souls. I have heard, however, that not everyone applies to this regulation and is conducted secret research in this direction. Imagine what would happen if you copied, and Nestępnie slightly modified the spirit of one of the rulers, and was it in the Golem, which is its ideal reflection. The consequences could be tragic.

This is how we come to the golems, the miracles of today's technology. They are the culmination of a combination of magic teachings, mechanics, animations and Biologi. By combining the work of the greatest minds in these fields, a living creature was created… However, with a great flaw – a lack of soul, which we can not yet produce in part with lack of knowledge and opportunity, and partly from the rozterek moral and uncertainty of what such an artificial soul will be. Without this element, the golem is able to perform only the simplest functions such as housekeeping, physical work, guarding of objects, delivery of shipments, that is, only what can be programmed. By itself, such golem is not able to learn new things or create memories. Only the memory cells give it this possibility, but the amount of information that can aggregate is quite small. The case is quite different when the golem becomes a vessel of the soul, then it can serve as a substitute for the body as long as it does not break down. In the golem, we can also place the soul only for its safekeeping or as a source of energy for the golem. Such a golem can analyze the soul, take over its abilities and memories, and use it as a source of energy. With this added power, Golem has a lot of gain: it can now create memories, learn and even understand and feel feelings. Then, as long as the outer shell has been made correctly, it is hard to distinguish it from the real being. And it is forgot to mention the golem bodies themselves. The most primitive ones are made of metal, plastics, rocks, depending on what is on hand or what is to be the purpose of construct. A completely different class of golems are Mimy, which are perfect copies of living creatures. These are usually made of real bones and are coated with real flesh. In this way, you can create constructs to shape people, elves, giants. The method of obtaining materials for the construction of these golems is a material for a completely separate lecture. The most advanced class of golems are goals that are constructed in one hundred percent of magic. These require unimaginably condensed energy sources and are very difficult to create, and the production process itself is greatly dangerous. Many times I've heard stories of how someone lost limb or life as a result of a magical explosion of condensed energy. I am familiar with only two cases where the construction of this golem was successful.

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