When players deal with other players

MMOs are something extremely interesting in terms of how players interact with each other and what is really a player in the game. In these games it is precisely people who become one of the most important things that the game offers. And here's why I'm so fortress.

One of the most important aspects of MMO games is the interaction between players. We can share these interactions with Gróbsza on those friendly and hostile, but both are equally important. People want to compete, help themselves, trade, like to feel that they can zainponować or kill someone. The game becomes a meeting place satisfying one of the postsawowych desires of man, that is to stay with other people.

However, let's look at another thing that makes MMO games a lot of potential. Players can create a seizure for other players. This can be seen, for example, in commercial houses, where some Osby buy what others have created.

But the best example is war. Wars can engage many players for a very long time. I myself participated in such wars in MU-Online, but they had no comparison to what they receive EVE players. In this game there were battles that took part after 7000 players, and the losses in virtual equipment were counted in hundreds of thousands of dollars. What could be more engaging for players than participating in the war? Check out the following video clips, which are Podsómowanie two events.

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