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Roulette-SystemThis is a very subjective look at the subject.

In Poland, gambling is quite controversial. Some like it, others tolerate it, and still others fight it. You regulate this sphere of our life as much as you can. But why are there so many problems with that?

Let's start with the fact that in Poland you can have trouble for the mere placing on the Internet roulette photos. This was reportedly the promotion of gambling, which WG. Our power is wicked. It is so angry that it is more of a hassle than alcohol. At least so you might think if you were to look at what our officials are doing.
The state effectively limits all forms of gambling, but gives itself the possibility of permitting specific operators to furnish this type of play. Ba, even the same organizes such games! Playing Lotto is a gambling that has spread to the whole country and the world.
To me, this is the usual hypocrisy.
I don't think it's so damaging to have to punish people for being able to play with poker friends about beer. And I do not think that under the kurtynką of the fight against gambling, it was necessary to censor the Internet, which is trying to do for a long time.
By. Me a simple way to fight gambling is his legalization and possible taxation. Our legislators have normalized to hold the rules of Dura lex sed lex, forgetting that the right created earlier may be imperfect. By the way, right now, at this moment, a foolish law is created when laws are pushed by the Sejm without public consultation and without a real in-depth analysis. Translations in the style of "our intentions…" are weak because it counts on how the new law can be interpreted, and not what it was referring to someone writing them. People wanting to play and so will find a way to do it. The Internet knows no borders, and betting on the network has already become very common.

And now about the more grow gambling website.
Wiki (English. The Polish definition is slightly different) identifies gambling as all cash games or those where you can win something of value. On strength, under this definition of gambling can pull up probably all the MMORPG games, and even the CSA in which you can win valuable skins. I am afraid that a similar idea may fall into one of our politicians and want to punish players…

But why do people like gambling and why so addictive?
This is mainly due to errors in the reasoning of the human mind and the lack of knowledge of the probability account principles. People simply do not understand that the chance of winning in each game is accurately determined. It seems to them that every loser bring to victory. And hope to win the coveted prize. With every game you play, the player invests in the game more and more of your money or time, which makes it increasingly harder to leave him from the table.

Oczyścicie I realize that gambling can have its dark side. However, I think you can deal with it in a little sensowniejszy way.
In writing this text I was wondering if I could be accused of the promotion of gambling. Probably yes, though it was not my goal. I just wanted to draw your attention to the stupidity that is happening.

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