Infested Planet-Review

HeaderI do not know if I used to tell you that I like Tower defence games. Some time ago my attention caught the game infested Planet, which went to the old theme in a new way.

You play the commander of a special branch, who fights against thousands of rapidly propagating aliens. These large numbers of opponents have turned my attention to this game. Along the way to victory we unlock various improvements that are to allow us to better combat the hordes of worms.

The game offers us several game modes, all of which I considered interesting. Here we have random missions with different levels of difficulty, which we can play in the ranking version as well. We also have a rather long campaign. I'm not entirely sure if all the levels in this game are generated randomly, but certainly the part is what I really liked.

To be honest I had a concern as to how the game would increase its degree of difficulty to make me not get bored. It turned out that she did it very smoothly by adding random mutations to opponents that increased their power. Every time I was able to destroy a foreign slot, they received boost, which podkręcało the pace of the game every moment.

The difficulty level of the game accumulates very quickly, which discourage me momentarily, until I found an option that helps people as infirm as I am. Even when I was unable to successfully complete the mission, I received a salary for her, which meant I could buy myself a soldier who was extra support only in that one battle. A simple and very elegant solution that allows the player to decide when he wants to get additional help.

The only real complaint that I have against this game is the interface, and more specifically the hotkeys that I used to build plots, improvements and promotion of the character. It was hard for me to get used to that first shortcut I had to open the appropriate menu, and then choose a specific option that interesteded me.

The end of the game was a great play. It is a pity that the game does not show us how much killed Poczwar during all battles. I'm curious.2452795-0003

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