We love Rogueliki


We love Rogueliki, or rather games similar to games that are similar to the rogue. Thanks Xax:)

Rogue is one of those groundbreaking games that change the shaping of virtual entertainment to a great extent. I did not have the opportunity to play it myself, because the game was created a few years before my birth, and no, and was not very user friendly. This production is derived from all roguelike, in which we die to death in randomly generated worlds. Something, however, was not quite OK in these games, because it was not so long ago we heard about them again…

So why do we like croissants now?

They are now understandable and affordable for everyone. The first games of this type usually required continuous work with a calculator and manual. Today it has changed. Dull and unaffordable formulas have been replaced with less precise, but easier to receive information such as "Lets Fly" or "deal fire damage", etc. The croissants also broke out from the Ram Dungeon Crawler. Today, the elements of permaśmierci and randomness levels can be found in Plaformówkach (Risk of Rain, Rogue Legacy), top-down shooters (Enter the Gungeon) and FTL, which I do not know how to classify.

The coolness of this grom adds death to death. When our character dies, we lose it forever. This adds to every approach of amazing emotions that we don't experience in most games. Mindful of these consequences, players are forced to plan their adventures more wisely. However, the mechanics were not free from defects. Many people after a long and fruitful game was very inclined to cast the game in anger when they poślizgnęłaed the leg. For this reason, today's croissants often use certain things that are left to us after previous competitions. A great example of this is a rogue Legacy in which we collect coins when you climb the levels, for which we build up your castle, which will give us some bonuses on the next approach.

Random levels also add a lot. They let you make every new approach to your game attitudes in front of the player new challenges. Procedural level generation ideally blends with permaśmiercią. These boards do not allow us to learn what would another approach to the game a new character, and at the same time decreased the tension associated with the death of the character.

In today's croissants, the most appealing items. In most titles there are dozens and their properties combine together, giving you thousands of combinations! Searching for the best is fun.

I also have some idea of how to use one of the elements of Roguelike games – Permaśmierci in the game that would take place in the fantasy world I created. This could be the case with Golems, which the player simply traciłby when they are destroyed. However, in this solution is a problem, because I would like to make the world attitude to the player remained even after the death of his avatar, which will be difficult to explain, if used in the game were to golem.

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