Difficulty entering the game

A6e5fe662f9bf02e49997ac4814270ecSeveral times a month I check a game in which I have not had the opportunity to play. I noticed that in some games I enjoy the game nicely from the first moments, and in some titles I have to torture first to reap the fun of this particular production. I started wondering why this is happening…

Generally this phenomenon would call trudnością_wejścia_w_grę on which consists of several factors.

The first thing that increases the level is the tutorial, which is detached from the main game mode. If a tutorial exists as a separate module, players can often skip it, hoping they'll be able to deal with the game without any advice. Their annoyance grows when it turns out that, however, they are unable to do anything meaningful, because the missed tutorial. Skipping the tutorial is also related to the fact that it usually does not offer of any fun, making the player is little interested in it. For this reason, it is best to teach the player during proper gameplay.

Going a step further we stumble upon how the same tutorial was made. If it is done legibly and accurately, and by the way does not lead the player by the hand, and allows him to get to what he has to do at the moment, it will be a better result on the occasion of lowering the difficulty of entering the game.

The obvious aspect of the game that affects the W/w level is the same complexity of the game. In very complicated games you will be forced to explain more things to the player, and in a simpler less. It is worth mentioning that the similarity of the game to other productions can make it much easier for people to find in it and understand the principles prevailing in it.

The legibility of graphics and UI is also of paramount importance. Icons that are able to cast their action through the symbol on them can be seen work wonders.

This level of entry is a great example of the Civilization series. The first games in this series were quite unfriendly and trumped their complexity. The fifth part of the series and BE allows the player to jump into the game and enjoy it practically without problems. This is because of the Czytelniejszego interface and the advisors that appear when they are needed.

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