Ars Independent Festival

The-Black-horse-Photo-Bartek-SołtysikArs Independent Festival is a six (!) event of contemporary indie art: film, music videos, animations and what interests us the most, ie games.

About the grow part of the event still known little. The confirmed information is a contest of Black horse video games in which it is to take part six games. The event page contains information about one of the nominations for the production competition. Besides, you have to still receive 15-20 other games. From Bartek, which holds the position, which is called from marketing I learned a few things that are currently still > > In the zone of Plans < <, which is a conference on the Polish industry game Dev, which is to appear a few famous Indians. The organizers also count on the fact that they can bring guests from abroad, such as Jontana Soderstroma from the Hotline Miami, Jonthana blows from Braida and Witness, or Edmund McMillena from the Super Meat boy.

More information about the grow part of the event will appear at the turn of June and July.

where? Katowice
When? 27/09 – 02-10 2016
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