Experiment: RogueLike MMO

For some time we are inundated with roguelike-type games in various forms. Curious entered in Google Password: roguelike MMO. It surprised me a bit lack of meaningful results. What I got is mainly considering the forums about games of this type and the memories of the Realm of The Mad God, which I think is the title at best average.

Therefore, I started to wonder how the MMO game should look crossed with a croissant.

The first dilemma appeared when choosing between 2d and 3d. As I create my own fantasy world, I want to put the game into it. There are things that would be very difficult to show in only two dimensions, which could be forced to add another, which I would rather not do, because the generation of such a board could be quite troublesome.

Another problem is the way the world is created. Since my world has a lot of specific things quite precisely, some parts of the map would have to be prepared beforehand, which allowed for more control over the storyline. The position of these elements would also be set in advance (approximate). It was left to fill the remaining space with some random things.

I would like to make this game the players have a maximum impact on what is happening in the world. Najsensowniejszym solutions seem to be events similar to those of GW2, which can temporarily change the arrangement of forces in the region. However, I would like to allow players to stand on the opposite sides of the barricade and support the chosen faction in its actions. This requires, of course, the enormous design and development work… But we're just rozmyślamying:)

Another thing that worries me is keeping quests in a randomly generated world. I am a fan of carefully thought out and planned tasks, which would be extremely difficult to perform in such realities.

Referring to the faction… In such a game there should be a system of values that affect our reputation in a given place. For example, Druids love nature, so they are opponents of those who destroy it. Players kill specific creatures and perform specific tasks Zyskiwaliby or lose their ranking in the corresponding Rubryczkach. This could be a manifestation of the real freedom of players who could realistically choose which side of the wall they want to become.

Death is inextricably linked with Roguelikami. So I had to think about how to solve this in an MMO game. In my version it would be only 'połowiczna permaśmierć ', meaning the player at the time of death traciłby everything he had with him and then reborn. Only items related to the soul of the form could not be lost, but this would not be a common equipment.

Permadeath in such a game carries with it another problem which is starting from the beginning. I would like to solve this in several ways. The character consists of a body and a soul. The body loses its level at the time of death, but achieving maximum strength could not last longer than 10-30 minutes. The body of our character would only for small bonuses to strength, life, perks. Nothing that would the player back to the place where he died. However, the soul would have a much greater impact on the game, and its leveling consuming much longer. She would for what class of items we can use, access to the character classes, maximum number of skills, special perks.

In-game items. Only basic equipment should be cheap. Powerful magic artifacts should be really hard to get, and ordinary magic items should arouse admiration in those who do not possess them. It's a great rip with the idea of losing your inventory at the time of death. Such a thing would also have a great impact on the economics of the game, as it creates a great outlet for money. The role of crafting and the extraction of raw materials by players would be very large.

The game would an extensive system of achievements that would have a big impact on the game. They Odblokowywałyby new races available to players, perks, new character classes, giveing fixed bonuses to the characters.

End of the end, Cy Zdecydowałbym to do a croissant MMO? …. Sure, yes, but don't generowałbym the whole world randomly. If any, then the procedures I used would only make the structure of the part of the underworld, although it would probably not be profitable. But I'm worried about the question of repeatability of the game because of lost equipment, but saves us a large amount of content, the possibility of re-development of the character body and weapons hidden in the bank just for such an accident.

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