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The explosion of the mountains has changed many in our world. Lost the northern ends of the continent gaining new in the east. Many farmland have been destroyed condemning thousands for hunger or for wandering in search of food. In our world, portals began to appear to other distant places. There are also two new races in our world. However, in this case, the word > Rasa < is used to grow somewhat, because what I am talking about may be people, elves, giants. This new type of beings will be called Morfami, because they are something that we already know but changed.

The first morfami that I want to mention are Spopieleni called burned. These are beings that were humans or elves in the past, but during the explosion of the mountains they found themselves in the wrong place, or the neighborhood of any volcano. Persons who have been altered in burnt have been presumably treated with extreme hot air or ash from an eruption. Of course, it could not initiate such a transformation. We are not yet aware of the additional conditions that need to be met in order for the transformation to take place. Therefore, that burned practically never retain memories of the previous incarnation, it is very difficult to have relationships with what has happened. I could only reach two descriptions of this event. One comes from a peasant, whose wife did not had escape from the pędzącą cloud of warmed gases that wydobyły from the Mruczącej mountain. He spoke of a powerful flare of light that was suckeded by his wife after a while. The second relationship comes from the person who managed to preserve the memories before the change. It stayed in the area of Pyrusa when the hot ash fell on it. He remembers the feeling of tearing and then a tremendous cold. This may suggest that one of the elements required for a transform is in the transformed itself.

The metabolism of Spopielonych seems to be based on firing anything that you eat. The temperature of the interior is from 150 to 300 degrees Celsius and the temperature of the skin oscillates in the vicinity of 70 degrees. Their wounds do not bleed, but they open oxygen access to their interiors, which often results in a visible flame. Their bodies are often damaged: lack of ears, nosess, fingers, and less-than-whole limbs. This is caused by the fire being destroyed during the transformation.

Because of their fiery nature, they avoid social contacts and usually settle in the remote. They also avoid the people of their race. Probably not old. Very often they have large innate magical abilities, which often are invited to settle on the castles as court mages, but rarely accept them.

The second morpheme that emerged after the mountain explosion are the avatars. The appearance does not differ from the other individuals of the breed to which they belong. What is distinguished is probably total immortality. When an avatar dies after a fairly short time it is reborn in the same form as he was before his death, but he must learn to use a new body again. There is also a chance of losing some of your skills and memories. Their souls are among the strongest that we know. The places where the avatar can reproduce your body appear to be strictly defined, which seems to be related to some form of energy occurring there. In addition, they probably can choose which of these places they want to be reborn. Their old body is rapidly decaying and the matter that formowała it disappears. It is probably used to form a new character. It may suggest how to kill the Avatar by sealing the dead body in such a way as to prevent the movement of its particles. Currently, we only know about thirty-five avatars. Much more often than other individuals of the same breed show magical properties. Since they can only be met recently, we do not know the abundance of their population, the more so that they may not be aware of their nature until their death. We are not yet sure what creatures can be avatars. At the present time we know about 16 people, 4 elves, 7 dwarves, 2szarych, 4 giants, 1 burnt, 1 undead. But we guess that all the higher breeds can be avatars. There is also a chance that medium and lower breeds can be, however, in view of the difficulty of exchanging information, it is hard to confirm.

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