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Frtowow2handshake-SMS-0609-SmallSocial interactions are a large part of many of today's games. Collaborative fight against opponents, conducting guilds, trade, mutual assistance in tasks. In my own example, I know that opening up to others in the game is not so easy…

A few years ago, when I started my adventure with WoWem, I usually played alone, only with time ripe for that to attend raids and be an active member of the Guild. But how did this game help me?

At first I did not have to bother with other players. I could calmly learn to control the character, get acquainted with the basic mechanics of the game and find out in this great world. Thanks to this I did not feel overwhelmed by the excess of things that are required of me.

After capturing about 10 levels when I already knew what to do to survive in Azerocie, I your The first group task that would encourage me to familiarize myself with the basic social functions. But it was not so difficult for me to actually of to seek help. However, this was the first signal from the game: "Hey Jimmy, this is an MMO game, can you start chatting to others?"

So I survived a few more levels. However, I noticed that some of the people I passed on were riding on ostriches. In my head, I heard a voice that told me I had to do this myself too. The cost of driving science was well above my budget, so I started looking for a method for earnings. So I went to the auction to him to sell the things I had. At about the same time, the task I received pchnęło me towards the first dungeon. As someone who did not really know what to expect in the middle, I simply stood under the entrance waiting for an already existing group of heroes, which will look for someone to help. This forced me the first real interaction with other people. I was gently out to people. However, the difficulty level of these underworld was not wyśrubowany, so we didn't have to be very careful about what we were doing. Encountered small problems, but a group of five DPSóws succeeded. At that time we had to exchange a few sentences to coordinate their actions. It was also my first meeting with a list of friends, because I thought it would be nice to meet again with these people and do something again together.

Over time I encountered a heavier underworld, with which it was no longer so easy. I had to look for people who would replace others after they left the party. I also often started trying to look for people to enter some instance. The difficulties I encountered meant that I started looking for a guild where I could look for comrades for the next city trip. After I've already accepted me in my package, I have started to sue more and more in time. I also started to be invited to raids, which required me to have even more involvement in social interactions than anything else I did before. I was dragged into Team speak to be able to perform commands better and faster. I did not speak at first, and only listened and tried to get to know the people who stayed there, and with time and I started to take my voice.

On the way to the top of social skills, I could have come across other aspects of the game that pchnęłyed me towards other people. For example, harder group quests that have forced me to search for a group, even if I don't want to take part in dungeons. Raids on hostile settlements or defending your own estates. PvP battles on Battlegroudach in which to achieve better results you need to communicate with the rest of the team.

WoW had a few mechanics that enabled players to Uspołecznianie effectively. The first was the opportunity to search for people who had just stayed in the same region as me, which helped me find a companion to complete the current quests. A list of friends, of course. I don't remember if it had a feature that showed you the last ograłem, but it's a cool option. You cannot skip guilds.

As you can see, when designing a game you must remember not only about the design of ordinary mechanics, but also the planning of how players will interact with each other to enable them to make the most stress free wsiąknięcie in the game community.

For the Horde!

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