Why not play World of Warcraft

WoWScrnShot_072012_154452In WoWa I started playing (if I remember correctly) somehow around the summer vacation of the year 2008. It was some time before releasing the Wrath of the Lich King, and definitely postponed this game aside a few months after the purchase of the Cataclysm, which is probably in the first quarter of the year 2011. I want to share with you what made Azeroth no longer my home…

When I started my adventure with the World of Warcraft, the game Przytłaczała me a little bit, but in a positive sense. Nothing was abyt simple to achieve… But not so difficult to discouraged. It was just. But over time, what I liked it started to change, and on the occasion I changed, worked, started the family.

The first thing that started to deter me from appearing in Wow was the amount of time that I had to spend this game. My daily duties greatly limited my spare time, which I could devote to playing, and unfortunately, often the usual raid required Kilkugodzinnego sitting in front of the computer.

There was also a competition that offered interesting things, by the way without requiring a monthly fee. WoW often caused me a feeling of loss when I paid my subscription, and then turned that for some reason I could not play. For comparison, such Guild Wars offers unlimited access to the servers only after the purchase of the game. And just around the corner lurk thousands of production F2P…

Over time, I also began to disturb my character balance. I have always liked the game of Mages, so my choice in Wow was obvious. I have such an internal idea of a magician, which is incredibly powerful, can nod hand destroy armies, but at the same time can knock him a well-measured arrow. Warcraft has destroyed my conviction in the worst possible way. A Warrior who was much more resistant to blows was able to inflict more damage than my mag. It was the same with Paladins, Rogues, and other classes that, by nature, should act differently. At the same time I am aware that the characters had to be balanced in such a way that no class was favored… Unfortunately this does not translate in any way to my expectations.

After reaching the maximum level began to tease me lack of interesting things to do. Since I'm not a fan of grinding, I was not amused by Brnięcie by Naxa just to get someone to be able to receive a dream item. My character's strength was not a reward for me. Of course I liked when I was able to ask more damage, but I'd rather discover new things, unlock achievements, and that wasn't so much. Smuciła me the uselessness of raids and dungeons with burning Crusade and Vanillli, which had almost no one visited, because they could not get any new things there. It was a big waste.

MhVhmFw. gifWith the advent of WotLK there were changes that I did not like. A smaller problem I had with badges that could be exchanged for the hardware. Kind of fun, I got something new, but I didn't feel this delight when I finally managed to buy it. Moments of delight were changed in the grind badges and then the expedition to the store.

The thing that hated was LFG (looking For Group). It was an element that (I think) in the eyes of the creators was to make the game easier for players to gain the maximum level. In my eyes I received the pleasure of finding players with whom I could experience the adventure. Even before we to a particular instance, we had to get to know even the treadmill, which allowed me to make new acquaintances. After the LFG, he often did not replace the words with the members of the group. I felt like I was playing alone, not in the world-famous MMO, in which millions of people play.

After I put this game aside, I still had the opportunity to check it out personally, or something better changed. I also had the opportunity to watch as my friend plays it. I saw a shining emptiness of Orgrimmar. Such things utwierdziłyed me in the belief that WoW dies. Of course this is not happening soon. It is rather a slow death, except for old age and several small diseases, which are not in themselves fatal, but together they form a deadly mixture. Maybe it's the fault of Deathwing?World-of-Warcraft-Cataclysm, O-J-263971-13

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