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E3_2010_civ5_smI guess each of you heard about games bearing the name and surname of Sid Meier, and in particular civilization. With this series of games I have been in contact with the child, but I always think that it lacks a certain openness, ie. She was not friendly in her design for a wider range of players. But this has changed in the fifth part. I do not hide that I consider this part of the series to be the best. Beyond Earth is not my liking due to the changed reality of the game, which by the way forced a few other minor changes. In CIV5 (with the addition of Gods & Kings), I spent at the present time about 120 hours, which in itself should attest to the fact that this game has something in it.
The very core of the game in each part remained the same: we assume the cities, build buildings, units, miracles, conduct research. So people who have already been in contact with the series will quickly feel at home. However, there are many other things that are not always visible at first glance.
The obvious change is the abandonment of square squares in favor of hexes. This involves changing the entire combat system. In the top five we can no longer create a large army composed of several troops, which appropriated on one field stacking their strength. Now it rules a rule that says: One branch for one field. This has increased the importance of individual units. Another improvement was the abandonment of marine transport units in order to ensure that after the invention of the appropriate technology, each of our branches would be able to get through the water alone.
Another thing that you can't overlook are internal policies. They allow us to tailor our state action to our style of play, or the current geopolitical situation.
Change is still much, much more. Most of them focus on simplifying the interface and Uprzyjemnieniu the game… By the way, it was not spłycając.
Something that I have run out of the five in relation to predecessors, is the possibility of taking over the fields belonging to other countries by means of cultural influences. It was a way of conducting a war that I personally replied. Such a fight without combat.
I also had problems understanding the system that influenced the relationship of other countries to us. Often I did nothing to annoy other states, and these and so potępiały me. They also asked me not to osiedlał in their neighborhood was often strange… Because there were them in the neighborhood. It also happened to me that a civilization stretched to me some sort of request to declare war on some other state. The Problem is that Padała only the information on behalf of the head of this civilization, without the name of a country, color or some other clue about who we are talking about.
Seeing this, in which the series tends, slowly I start to rub my hands on the sixth part, because you can see that its creators know what they want to achieve and strive for it.Civilization-VI-CIV-6-announced-with-trailer-2-1280x720

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