Game of the Tr… Curiosity

Blank_spotI like the Game of Thrones. Still wyczekuję the emergence of new episodes, and when the season is over sometimes I on YouTube to catch some curiosity. But I noticed something interesting about the series, or theories conspiracy…

In the first filmiku the author wonders whether the dancer Syrio is the priest nameless God.

In the second, the author of the imagination is letting go of fantasy to refer to one of the prophecies that was included in the book.

But where does it all take? The lack of information, from the fact that the authors do not tell the viewers everything, and by the way the film is great, has a lot of fans and a lot of heads over it. The viewers do not know anything, so they try to strive to fill the void. They are simply curious…

In the players it is even easier to awaken this desire for knowledge. They have in their blood an investigation into everything and extract it to the front. So their ignorance can be a source of motivation to perform certain actions. Most example seems to be a story telling. Players want to know what will happen, but also what happened early that happens now (difficult sentence). Unavailable places also attract some people. Especially those who want to see if something is sometimes not hidden there somewhere, on top of the mountain, or for the impossible to overcome the precipice.

Talking about the lack of information about something, you can't fail to mention what people imagine when they can't in any way learn about something. Imagination is a powerful tool that can make the players themselves, each in their head will tell you what you do not show them. Exactly this used the creator of the game Stanley Parable. The player was thrown into the world and the concept had no idea what it was all about.

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