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Text with strong humorous colour. Don't take it too seriously:)

I have repeated many times that the ideas are worth nothing. You can throw them on the right and left. In fact, something unique happens very rarely. It's hard for me to point out any game that has brought something completely unique to the industry. All the titles that I is something that's old given in a different form from what else. Playing games can be compared to cooking, because it is precisely selected and prepared ingredients create a great dish.
Unfortunately, some of this do not see…

I came up with such an idea to create the tribes in 3d.
The realities of the Middle Ages, MMORPG mode, offline.
The player Wcielałby the king, who would be tasked to build his village, recruit troops, seize villages, etc.
In addition, you could switch between the characters (king, Scout, Knight…) and complete the missions.
The complete idea I have in my mind and unfortunately I can not describe it in more detail.
Unfortunately I can not program, so if someone wanted to help as a programmer would ask for contact.
I could take care of all the models to play.
I do not know if I wrote it clearly. It's hot and the brain is forest.

This is a quote from one of the forums on which I am (I added red from each other). A colleague certainly had a noble intention to give players something that will spend hundreds of hours, and by the way they have a great time.
Unfortunately, the game is not a fairy tale, and a colleague made several mistakes already at the start.

He referred to the famous title, which are the tribes. This made the players immediately imagine this game and added to the third dimension. In itself it's terrible, but a moment later the MMORPG fell. I think a moment… The tribes had nothing to do with RPG. And my idea of lies in ruins, I no longer know what's going on.
If that would be enough, after the MMORPG fell offline. Here completely zdębiałem. The MMO by definition requires being online.
About the fact that it is not worth to kidnap the MMORPG as their first game probably already mentioned. These are cosmic projects that many people work on.
You play the King, who manages, scout, Knight. I began to wonder how a colleague wants to combine the management of a kingdom with being a scout.
The words "I can not describe it in more detail" have fallen for the encouragement. It seemed especially funny in combination with the fact that a colleague is looking for someone who would like to help realize this idea. So scribe, Animanta, Bard and the rest of the team would have to guess what is to be found in the game?
One Plus. A colleague can do models. Though not.. Wait. These words fell in his next post: "I thought once a portfolio, but something was not burned…". So seriously, this colleague probably does not have much experience in modeling.

That it was not that I'm a colleague of dogs for the publication of their idea, because these are nothing worth it. That's not what I mean. I love reading about what someone has dreams and ideas for the game. However, I would like it to make sense, especially when you are a person who seeks help with such a project.

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