Tapoo-IOSowa Klikanka

Baner_2Michał – co-founder of AlterPage wrote some time ago to me, or I would not like to see the game, which is just releasing into the world, or Tapoo. As this game is intended for IOS, I replied that unfortunately I do not have any apples (I am an antifan). However, the innate curiosity made it glanced to me, and it turned out that this form is located in Warsaw, so it is enough that wsiądę to the bus and to visit them. I did so too.

3Tapoo is a typical arcade, which immediately associate to me with piano Tiles. It consists in Zbijaniu flying from the top of the squares. But there's a twist. Some of them give us some bonuses, and some hinder the game, for example by overlooking a portion of the screen with a spot of ink.

This is not a game that is insightful or introduces some great value to the gaming world. But that's not always the point. Although I played it only a few minutes, it was enough to convince you that the core gameplay gives a lot of fun. There are emotions, there is no stagnation, as each of the levels uses other special blocks. is fun.

Something that, however, annoyed me a bit of advertising. During these few moments had me to display a few times. Like the application allows them to be excluded for payment… However, I have such disgust. And that's so much of the stuff I can really stick to.

You may now wonder why I decided to write about this game. It comes first of its quality, which stands at a high level. Just in fear of it, the game came out (for now) only on IOS, because it turned out that HTML5 was not efficient enough on Android, and thus the game was not responsive enough. For this is a nice graphics, not annoying, neutral music, effects that interact with the general concept.
The people of AlterPage also proved that they don't have to have a lot of experience making games to do something cool. It was enough for well-defined goals: let go of a playable, fun game.

1Laudable is their approach to marketing. They identified the target group, conducted market research, conduct a promotional campaign (which among other things made me go). This is something that unfortunately many small game creators overlook.
I really liked how Michael talked about Tapoo. It was evident that he was damn happy to be able to draw this game to the end. He was proud of it and had already spins plans for something next.
Word of the end. Even though this game won't change the world, it's worth checking it out to see how hackneyed and a simple idea can turn into something fresh and interesting.


It also appeared that my association Tapoo with Taboo was only my deviation, and the choice of this name was mainly due to the fact that many other cool names were already seized.

Link to AppStore: Tapoo

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