New lands, islands-the text of the fantasy world

The sea is almost perfectly flat, rough only a trace of our ship, and the wind is barely perceptible. The surrounding calm mącony is just a creak of boards, the noise of waves smashing the side, screaming bearded Bosman and my talks with the veteran of Inferium, who successfully completed five years of service.

So the hour went by until the Sun stopped prażyćing our heads. I was so busy with the conversation that I didn't even notice when wpłynęliśmy in the fog. At the beginning of a rare, but with every minute gęstniała. After a while I have not seen the fingers at your fingertips. Wind has stopped. Terrifying experience-we were alone in the trap, which was our ship, and around the emptiness. If this was not enough somewhere from the distance he began to build up this sound reminiscent of this, coming out of the great horns of war, from the beginning of the silent drowned everything. It's hard to say how long it took, the time seemed to not flow. In this I felt a light blast on her cheek. In the blink of an eye, the gust changed to wind and the conjures. In the water began to click Lightning, thanks to which we saw the outline of a huge spiral mountain protruding from the water. It's a titanium finger. The current has abolished us right here. Seafarers are always trying to steer clear of this place, with strange things happening and better not to tempt Czarta. The Storm Miotała us like a toy. Mast from which no zdążono to download the sail burst as a match banging on bearded Bosman gruchocząc his skull. After that all ceased, as if the whole situation was intended only to receive one life. Tired and worried about sailed, and after a few hours at sea spent in the silence of the horizon began to look at US towers of the knot.

After he went ashore with Yakke, we went to the coastal hospitality to relax after a trip and listen to the news. People complained of the Giants from the north, the Giants complained about the Gray elves stealing their wrestling, the gray elves tell jokes about the dwarves, and the dwarves tell about the fears in the mines. Many words about everything and about anything. For savings as usual, we went to bed in one room.

I woke my knee driven in my back and silent Whisper:

-Where the latter?

For the eye, I saw that the Yakke is empty. I wanted to start translating, but refrain my hand covering my mouth. I realized that the attacker was not a response at all. I heard a metallic sound drawn out of a dagger's vagina. This sound made the whole body felt cold sweat. The noise of the cut air and the deaf, slightly juicy blow. Resembled is the sound of rozgniatanego tomato…. With this I skojarzyło. Weight of failing corpses…. But not mine! The stranger fell on me, and I started przesiąkaćing his posoką. The eye I high leather stogies with studs. Such Yakke Bears. Pushed with me truchło I could get up and then searched them. Found nothing, but he knew what was going on. Tomorrow we have visit the president of the shipyard, who enlisted impressive debt in the bank merchant. We spent the night wandering through the streets of the knot looking to the people in the streets sleeping in.

When the sky began to glow in the morning we went to the port district to cut a chat with the debtor and remind him of his obligations and terms of the contract. To the yard we entered stealthily by jumping over the fence and then wśliznęliśmy to the office skipping Półprzytomnych guards.

In his office we spent about two hours reviewing the documents found here, and finally someone from outside opened the door. It was a thick figure, wearing a very chic outfit, albeit slightly damaged and fat-contaminated. While reading the documents, he saw us only when he was almost in the middle of the room. Dropped papers, whereupon his face zaczerwieniła in anger, but perhaps when he realized that we were not consecutive officials clearly had a pale, and on his forehead began to appear drops of sweat, and the words Yakke "Bank of Merchants", changed the color to Trupio-Pale. From the place began to translate, slightly stammering:

Ppanowie I am very pprzepraszam, but this is the situation. Bbrakuje US materials, we have delays in the yard, and contractors do not want to pay.

Yakke seemed not to listen. He politely and calmly asked fat to go to his desk and put his hands on him. This reluctantly, but executed the command. The dagger, who still remembered yesterday blood, once again had the opportunity to taste it. In the air like two greasy sausages flew the director's toes. The initial shock did not give him shout, but after a while easily to wniebogłosy. Two guards Zaalarmowanych baying their boss to the room. They were ready to shed us, however, the fat in the manifestation of consciousness firmly ordered them to come out. He knew he'd ended up doing it for him even worse than now. He promised to pay the overdue instalments during the month and we lefted the yard land. On the face of Yakke he painted a smile of satisfaction with job well done.

Going through a new opportunity we have seen many new poor, loosely scattered cottages. Despite the fact that the earth is very fertile here, it is missing local people with equipment and skills in order to cultivate it effectively. Not surprisingly, most of the inhabitants are miners and craftsmen who were forced to migrate here because of the mountain explosion. Robberies and robberies are the order of the day. Only from time to time have we seen a richer mansion, which usually belonged to a more enterprising person who made a inflate of food prices.

We leave a new chance driven by the way north between the stairs and the sea serpent. Before the mountain's explosion, these plateaus were the islands in the middle of the ocean, cut off from the rest of the world through high cliffs. The villages that are located there are still virtually no contact with anyone. Only a few daredevils visited the rustic tribes and was able to give us information about them. The first thing that rzucało in the eyes is their deformed body, which is probably due to the cross of the tribe's members only in their own midst for generations. The language barrier prevented the start of dialogue with researchers and the unwillingness of the natives to strangers prevented them from prolonged observation.

On the road we a lot of cars on which they sat whole families full of hope to find a better fate. A great job awaits them. Along the way, somewhere between the Great reef, and the swamps beneath the nest we on the skeleton of a whale that reminded us of the past of this land, which was still a few decades ago under water. At the crossroads again headed to the north, the road, which leads to two hostile settlements-Hasi and Klot. We will not visit them, and we will go on the west side of the river Ordari, just below the cliff.

We travel now on the northern sites that are not too often visited by people because of creatures that can come across. These are large insects that have found the ideal conditions for life. This probably has some connection with the gases that are coming out of the Earth and a wide range of crystals including the magic that are present here. Ants of the size of small dogs, wasp-sized eagle are a frequent view, for this reason we had to smear some paskudztwem prepared by Yakke, which is to make the local fauna ignore us.

After a few hours of walking, in the evening, somewhere between the rocks we noticed a piece of metal which, from which the surface in my eyes retook the last rays of the sun. The travel of curiosity we decided to investigate. Already after a few steps in that page we started to show some mechanism. Its size was impressive, some 20 to 15 meters, it was also apparently corrupt. More or less in the middle there was a hole through which we could calmly enter the inside. The way to the other parts of the mechanism effectively blocked US Gruzowisko and powerful gates, which were somehow connected with the rest of the facility. Yakke on Prędce did a report from our findings. We could not spend a lot of time exploring this place, because tomorrow at noon we have to meet with the Giants from the floating mountain.

In connection with the lost time, which we lost to test the mechanism, we could not break up the camp at night. We all night przemykając between Wyrośniętymi insects. Late in the morning passed the North belt, the string of five islands, of which three were inhabited by yet unknown tribes. Hence we have not far to the next goal of our wandering, that is, the great skeleton. Once we got there, I felt that we were rather on graveyard. Everywhere we surrounded the remains of all sorts of marine creatures, and over this górowały the great bones of some ancient creatures, who probably had all these animals in his stomach at the time of his death.

In the south to Brzebu Przybiła yourself in which he sat a giant, having us take on a floating mountain. I already feel cool…

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