Offenses in Games

zdjecie_20110518143345_811Crimes exist from the moment when the law was invented. There were always people who did not conclude in accordance with generally accepted principles. For several years, games allow us to commit crimes also in the virtual world.

The first offenses that we could commit in the games were murders. Not surprisingly, because many games are based on competition, which often involves violence and domination, and depriving someone of life is probably the final form of dominance over it. We have seen it in many games like Quake, Unreal.

As the game develops the range of heinous deeds, which we can allow to widen the new member-stealing. From the beginning it was illegal (even for the standards of virtual Entertainment), because it usually required breaking the rules of the game. For example, it is about taking power over someone else's account and clearing it, using an error that allows you to stop your item while you trade, and when you take ownership of another player or any other way to get something Changed the owner. Such offences were usually prosecuted with greater or lesser effectiveness and were never considered to be fair. My first meeting with theft, or rather misappropriation took place in the game Muonline (but from what I know, such a mechanic already existed in tibia), in which, when we were killed there was a chance that lost an object, and someone else will be able to Raise. However, the real legalization of theft as one of the game mechanics occurred only in the era of survival games. In them we had to always have a good time to ensure that no one is matched to our things, because none of the administration had a moral obligation to help us recover our good, because we agreed to such conditions starting the game. Of course, not all of these rules were met, and because of this, there was a corresponding modification of games that allowed players to somehow hedge their treasures. It was particularly good to see the aversion to this mechanics in Minecrafcie, where the private servers installed the appropriate plug-ins.

Further development of MMO Games allowed to join the list of crimes fraud, which is more sophisticated theft. This is something that is borderline. These things are definitely illegal, but in no way violate the mechanics of the game, which I to accept such behavior. A great example is once again EVE, in which in connection with one event which was related to Phaser Inc., it was stolen around ISK (that is, over 1 trillion), which was valued at 51.000 USD ( Biggest-eve-online-scam-ever-recorded-nets-over-a-trillion-ISK/). This game with the rest seems to be filled with scams where the share took a large amount ( This type of scam is a very interesting issue. On the one hand, all this happened only in the virtual world, though the good that was stolen, can be converted into real money. There are people who live with virtual trading.

There are still other types of scams that I didn't want to mix with the previous category. These consist of bending the rules of the game in order to achieve different types of benefits. It's about hacks or bots. It is a bane of many modern games. These are very toxic units that work far beyond the laws of the game. The point of honor of each fashion and the admin should be to eliminate such scammers.

And what crimes do you have?

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