Weapons and armour in fantasy games.

Games embedded in the fantasy worlds usually offer us many, many different types of weapons and armor. However, many of them would be totally useless in the actual battle… May sometimes have a dissuasive value.

At the beginning leted with weapons. 03154def19eae3245210d5fc7cea7b8e-650-80

Reviewing swords of fantasy it can be said that none of the designers had never had a sword in his hand, he did not use, or had not seen or read them. The swords in the fight to be shown to us in the Games would have a negligible value thanks to a few things that I will tell you. First, what is throwing in the eye, is the size of these weapons. They are often so powerful that their weight has prevented them from moving, and not only the task of a customs blow. Remember the laws of physics that tell you that each action is accompanied by a reaction. Up a sword that weighs 30kg to a speed of 10m/s (I am not sure if this value is very real) in about half a second would require a person a lot of power, and fasten the strips to the ground. And it must be mentioned that I stumbled in games on swords, which with certainty exceeded the weight of 50, or maybe even 100kg. The size of the weapon carries another disadvantage. It is hard to operate, especially in small rooms or in crush battle.0c09854323239312200c956fba524a2a 987a93fc9d23c15fd1b339f25243efcfI am also convinced of the fascination of designers with spikes. Many swords and not only upstrzonych are many spikes, which will not always be directed toward the enemy. An interesting unique are those that have been placed on the blade, making them useless as a cutting tool, because hitting in any material that is not rozerwą or intersect, it simply pokes about it. Know that the sword can get stuck in the enemy's bones even when it has no extra teeth. I do not have to explain to you, what can happen to you when you try to your weapon with downed just before the enemy. Many of the structures also have obvious weak spots, which at first hitting anything would make the weapon collapsed. For example, let's serve hinges or strange narrowings in sensitive places. And what about the Jelcem? It is often shaped in such a way that in no way chroniłby the hand of his owner, and sometimes even exposing him to injuries (spikes). Unfortunately, many of these shortcomings in the projects can not be explained that they are enchanted or magic weapons, as often happens.Kingdom-Key

The issue of armor seems a little less complicated, but there are often designers who are imaginations. Typically, we get two extremes: heavy armour and those that protect insufficiently. 0282622b232c4440de853ecc739fb9c9Excess armour, I think I do not need to translate, it is unnecessary to slow down the person using such armor. Insufficient armor is a broader topic, which has slightly touched formerly (LINK). Remember that the most important for survival are the bodies in the head and the kadłubku – chest, abdomen. Looking at the armor design, I think the most important are the hands, legs and arms.21170a0b59bf8c78b9529ec8d1824add-tera-armor-is-ridiculous

Of course, putting some protectors on your limbs is not a bad idea, but be sure to protect the most important thing in the first place. Something that combines weapons and armor in games is a syndrome of spikes. Armour also often become with spikes, often in a very reckless way, which can restrict the movement of the owner, and by the way increases the weight of armour. In addition, spikes can be a point of hooking up enemy weapons, which can result, for example, hitting us with a blow that usually ześliznąłby to us.X2a3ao

Very extensively the topic of armor is discussed here > LINK <, on Gamasutrze.

To be clear. Personally, I do not bother me very naked warrior who refuel the most dangerous bosses. I also understand the design issue related to the WOW effect, which we get looking at such redrawn equipment… Unfortunately, more real weapons and armor do not have this effect.

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