Grinding poster-Thumb-354xauto-1536Quote from Wiki:

Grinding – Engaging the player in repetitive activities The word for grinding), eg. To gain experience points, money or unique artifacts.
Grinding is mostly used in the context of MMORPG games (eg. Lineage II or World of Warcraft), which is the main element of the game. The player wanting to gain another level of experience must fight another battle with monsters and other characters controlled by artificial intelligence to access the newer content presented by the game

I have not once told you how uninteresting activity in games is grinding. Repeat in the circle a set of the same steps to just get something. It is a place where the fun disappears, and becomes a job to get some virtual advantage. Let's say honestly: Hardly anyone sits down to play in order to work. But grinding can turn into something more interesting or although lightly conceal.

Just to make these slow investigation into something is amusing in itself, and the player will probably not even come to mind that something grinds. Take, for example, earning levels in Wow. This is (or was) a long process. I reach the maximum level it took, if I remember correctly, about half a year. But I didn't think I was doing something boring at the time. I visited the world, performed the task, and the level flew alone, when I had a great time.
The case looked different when it came to gaining a reputation for the selected faction. I could perform the same tasks over a month, but I did not give me any fun. This time I now think is lost.

The Grind has, however, some other side. Once you've succeeded in convincing yourself to wygrindował something, it will be hard to abandon your game. You will get a feeling of loss if it goes away, which can positively affect your retention. It's simply hard to abandon something that worked hard.

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