Microreview-Victor Vran

Quick-Look-Victor-Vran-Gameplay-Video-Gallery-474239-2Victor Vran is another slash & Hack game. I went to the title with a fairly good attitude after watching the film cynical Bryta. You play the title character Victor Vrana, who is a slayer of monsters. The association with Van Hellsingiem was quite obvious.

The core of the game is not very different from the other production of the H&S mark: We collect equipment, gain levels, kill hundreds of monsters. VV, however, offers us some interesting mechanics, which stand out this position on the background of others.

Since we have only one character to choose from, the game offers us several specializations, which are focused on different styles of fighting. We can depressing our enemies with magic, ranged weapons and more direct solutions.

The additional element that Victor is using are cards that can give him up to two active skills and several passive. This is an additional option that allows us to further personalize our character.

Another thing that distinguishes VV from other Diablo production is the pairing of character skills with weapons. This is a very cool option that perfectly harmonizes with the world. Holding a combat hammer, our hero deals damage rolled and area, but he spends much of his mobility. The opposite is a fast rapier, which focuses on a series of quick blows that are able to pierce the heavy armor.Victor-Vran-screen-4-1920x1080

The constant element of the battle are dodges, which are indispensable in conducting effective play. As part of dodging, we also get the possibility of jumping, which helps us navigate the board and often serves to discover the secrets, which will give a great satisfaction.

A very cool thing is the ability to incorporate additional challenges, which are an additional obstacle when you decide that the game for you becomes too simple. Of course, once this option is enabled, the rewards that we receive become larger.

Unfortunately, the game quickly boreded with the fact that the most important thing happened to constantly change and improve your equipment. To be able to eliminate the enemies effectively we are forced to constantly change equipment. Our actual skills go further and the gameplay is Spłyceniu.

The end was not the worst game I had the opportunity to play the last time, but I no longer intend to go back.

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