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Good-job-dumb-arseI have mentioned a few times about how to do tutorials, how to introduce a player into the game world and about productions, which came out great. Today I wanted to analyze three games that teach the player all the skills he needs already in the very beginning.


Levels from the first to the third one exist in this game only to give the player space to learn how to move the character.

1 -1 _LWLevel 1-1 is Hello World allows us to familiarize ourselves with the control and physics, which is subjected to our mięsoludek. This board requires you to know two skills: jump and move sideways. By the way, as the board is constructed very simply the player intuitively finds the target point, which is Mrs. Mięsoludkowa.

1 -2 _LWLevel 1-2 requires the player to learn something new, or to bounce off the walls more accurately. It is possible that before the player gets into this, he will learn what ends up leaving the board on the left side of the screen.

1 -3 _LWLevel 1-3 teaches the player the last thing that will be needed to the player-the sprint and the Jaik impact it has on the jump.

After these three extremely simple and focused on only one or two things of the boards there are several maps on which the player can try out the newly acquired skills in practice.



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The entire 1-1 level is designed to familiarize the player with basic movement mechanics and the general rules of the game. First, what the player sees is his character placed on the left side of the screen and practically empty space. This is the point at which a player can freely and without risk playing with the controller to know how the character reacts to the pressed keys. At this point, the player also gets the information that the board does not move to the left, but only to the right. A little farther there is something new, that is, a question mark, but before it has a chance to experiment with it, the screen will appear GOOBMA, which is the first simple challenge. As the player can return to this point in fractions of a second, even if he dies, it is the perfect place to see how to deal with this monsters. After defeating this obstacle, the player can safely take care of the question marks. It is possible that inadvertently learned how to handle them when he tried to jump earlier Goombę. After picking up the mushroom, the player learns how he moves and how it affects the player, because his omission is quite heavy. Then there is a series of pipes, where each subsequent requires the player ever higher pitch, so probably will know the mechanics, which combines the height of the stroke with the length of the key press. There are two Goombys between the last two tubes, which is an opportunity to observe how they interact with each other. It is also possible that a player will kill both creatures and notice that they have received a bonus. Another obstacle is the Dzióra in the ground, which will require the player to jump in the long distance, not the higher, as before. A moment later the game shows the effect of gravity on the monsters, when the upper platform drop two Goomby. Then there is a bigger hole to jump, which requires a little more skill. By the way, however, the player may notice the second way through this obstacle, which leads the mountain. It may be the science of the future that sometimes you might want to look for an alternative solution. Another thing on the board is a new opponent-Koopa, who will teach the player that, when he depresses, it leaves a crust, which you can use. There is also a star that gives the player a temporary immortality. It is placed in front of a series of different monsters so that the player can try the action. Next comes a series of obstacles that will help the player to further practice the skills gained. The tube, which leads to the shortcut, was created specifically for experienced players who do not need to spend time learning all these things.

Shovel Knight

Watch the video that perfectly explains how this game teaches the player their rules.

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