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From time to time I meet with games for PCs in which the game settings options have been executed in a tragic way or lacked some important features. An interesting fact is that many of these productions are ports from the console. Let to define some general rules that should govern the design of the Options menu. I will not mention here as obvious options as resolution, quality of textures and similar.

I often meet with games in which you can not adjust the volume of individual game elements such as music, lector, background sounds. It also happens that game developers put buttons that support the volume instead of putting the slider here. Terribly irritates me the need to multiple clicking on a button, and especially when the button is one and you have to turn the counter to get a lower value than the current.

The above point entails the problem of hiding different options under the buttons, instead of making them available using Droplisty. This allows the player to quickly familiarize themselves with the available options and choose the best.

Many games do not describe exactly what is changing the specific options. Often, to understand what will change a player's position must play the game, because he is unable to predict the actual effects of his choice. As a player I would like to know whether the graphics options that I chose will be very burden on the computer. Do not forget to specify what type of AA you use. With graphics options very often I lack the possibility of choosing the monitor on which to display the game. Filters are a very nice option for people who don't see individual colors. So far I have met this option only in two games.

The possibility of changing klawiszologi is probably mainly gripe ports, although there are games designed for the PC, which forgot about it.

A very nice nod towards the player is to give him the possibility to omit certain repetitive fragments of the game, such as intra or animations of attacks in turn games.

There are two more things I want to mention: the ability to close or release the cursor when the game is running in windowed mode and automatically pause the minimized game.

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