Floating Mountain-The text of the world of fantasy.

Again in open water. This time, however, is different. I am not sitting on a great ship, but on a small boat on which I sit, Yakke and melodic pomrukujący giant. It's not that nice. The wind squeezed my tears out of my eyes, and the icy water pulled off the surface of the sea that makes the whole dygoczę from the cold. Once I wanted to call, but I had so przemarznięteed my lips that I gave myself with that peace of mind.

saileded so two or three hours, when we began to pass the floating icebergs. Indeed a majestic view, though I was not able to show my excitement. I moved only when Podpłynęliśmy to one of the turn of ice, on which sail masts were mounted. It was only when I rubbed my eyes I more details: The boats przycumowane to the shore, all the wooden constructions, and the carved in the ice castle. He did an amazing impression. His smooth walls oślepiałyed us when the last rays of the sun were reflected, and places could be seen what is inside.

We were greeted by a group of five giants. Four of them were probably ordinary soldiers – equipping them with light armour made of leather, and in the hands of wieldinged spears with a length of about three metres, although they seemed to be much shorter. One of them was significantly distinguished, perhaps it was a highly placed officer or even a general (if the Giants have such a rank). He was dressed in richly decorated łuskową armor, whose tiles were probably derived from some sea confides. At his side he wore a sword, which I would call bimanual, but I'm sure he could handle it with one hand. They brought us to one of the small halls of the castle. In the middle stood a table and two chairs, which had to be prepared especially for us-were simply too small for the Giants. Sat and we were alone. I started to watch the walls and found that they weren't as transparent as I imagined at the beginning. I did not have much time to watching the fantastic designs that adorned almost all the surfaces with the food that was given to us. I was so cooled and wygłodzonyed that I almost threw myself into the bowl I gave me, from which I vigorously teared off the steam stream. It was some oily breja, which probably in other circumstances I would not have touched, but… It was the best breja I had in my mouth, but I don't know if this was a matter of chef's craftsmanship or maybe my condition. After the feast we were brought to the bedroom, which I shared with Yakke. Soft mattress and thick feathered fur quickly uśpiły me.

I woke up at sunrise, but I decided not to open my eyes, I wanted to give myself a few moments of blissful rest. But from the minute to the minute the chamber was getting brighter thanks to the ice, which despite the fact that it was not clear as glass, it passed a large amount of light. The crimes of the wake-up were filled with sounds of steps that briskly moveed behind the door in one way and the other. Opening my eyes I saw an empty message in which I slept Yakke. I don't surprised it anymore. A moment later I heard a rumbling door. Knocking was outgrowth attentions, because even without my reply the threshold of the Chamber exceeded the figure in habit. I had the impression that she was a woman, though it was hard to say with absolute certainty – this would be the first time I saw a giant. It brought me new robes so that I could get over, and then the gesture asked me to follow her. We reached the Great Hall, in which the central part was a round table, and sat with five giants and Yakke. There was also room for me. The rest of this room was filled with many smaller benches, which were sitting (probably) less important guests. We ate and we. I also tried talking to my table Dostojnikami in a common language, but it wasn't easy. The Giants have a rather peculiar construction of the mouth, which prevents them from pronounced speech, and on the occasion have such a specific accent, that I had to invest a lot of effort in understanding any sentence. In the end, as I then seemed to glut, I started to get very sleepy and my head landed in a plate full of fish bones.

Sleep interrupted me a terrible headache. With my effort I opened my eyes to try to see what is happening around me. In the whole room in haste worked giants, ustawiały around me some stone columns, and one of them, whose fur was covered with strange symbols, drew them also on the ice around the Pala, to which I am chained. I am chained to a pile! In the first reflex I began to yank in the hope that I can break the tether, but the pain and the skin zdzierającaing from my wrists convinced me that it makes no sense. I started looking around, hoping to find a answer to the question: "What's going on here?" A few meters from me became Yakke. He spoke with one of the Giants. He kept looking at me, so I did not get his mind that I looked at him with deadpan full of emotions; of supplication, Wrath, fear, confusion. He beckoned his head and went to my side. He was calm and confident, as usual, which scared me even more. My angered scream "talk about what's going on" resembles a more Skamlanie dog than a real man's demand.

Yakke quietly put me his right hand on my shoulder, and his left hand held my head, because he saw that I still have trouble keeping her straight. Loud and clear began to explain my situation. He told me that soon I would die despite the fact that I am an avatar, and my soul will be used to restore the old glory of the entire giant race. I thought it must be kidding. What Avatar, what was the old glory? He still spoke to me for a few more moments, but his words probably no longer reach me. Fear and shock me ogłupiły.

The preparations have come to an end. Somewhere outside the castle Rozgrzmiał The voice of the Great Horn, and a few moments later the hall began to fill with silent characters. Yakke threw me the last words, "Do not keep me from the claims of a friend, it's just business", and then joined the crowd. One of the Giants-the leader, which was seen after his attitude and dress he appeared in the middle of the hall and started a speech in a language I did not know. I have pointed to my hand several times, which angered me even more. To the extent that all other feelings gave way to anger. I started jerking off, as I never did in my life, I fought the whole force and I screamed. Shackles zdarłyed me from the left hand of a piece of meat and I was already close to her release… But the priest came to me, the one with fur marks. He brewed on me his great foot so that I had no chance of catching a breath. I guess both felt, as I chrupnęło the rib, because he immediately detook. The pain and hopelessness of the situation took me all the desire to fight, which kipiała in me a few seconds ago. I am weak, I have to come to my fate.

I am nailed to the pile, around me, painted signs, some meter away, after Ukosie I see two large tables, the priest in front of me, and then, everywhere around the crowd of observers. A giant is approaching each of the tables. He begins to Mumbai, after that he takes off his clothes and puts himself on the table face looking into the ceiling. After a while the first one is approaching the priest. He pulls the knife, then slow motion, undercuts the throat that he was lying on the table. This recumbent does not defend itself, it seems to be even happy to die. For the moment the same takes place at the second table. Zgęstniało air, from began to assert a metallic clamor. The runes around me began to sparks with a pale red light. I didn't have time to admire this spectacle for too long, because of the character that appeared right in front of me. In his hand had a long crystal, which after a while he disappeared. I Zakręciło in my head and I couldn't catch my breath. My head subsided. is, I found it! was like a child because I was able to find it. Now I know how silly it was. Put in my heart, thanks to Futrzastej hand. The last thing I heard was a rumbling wall, and the last thing I felt was bliss and lucky from the fact that it's already over.

But not quite.

Not so I imagined death. I thought I would meet your gods or that gone in the void. But I'm still here. I am still aware of myself. Around me there is nothing, and I still feel like I was torn to shreds by… Something! I try to move, but I can not, I try to open my eyes, but I do not see anything. I just feel that something slowly absorbs me. I regret now that I have reconciled with my destiny. I want to destroy you!!!

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