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My name is Daniel, I am 17 years old and I am a student of technical mechatronic. The hobbyist deals with all that is related to science and technology, but the greatest passion pawam to create games/programming and robotics. Both interests have been developing for a long time, but programming was "the first".

And this is my story from the beginning of the programming science. It started out somehow in the 5/6 class of primary school, when the world of science and technology began to cover me with their claws. As a small Daniel fascinated by what is happening in computers and all devices began to read about "belly" one of my favorite games, or computer games. I completely did not understand what I read was it for me as science-fiction, but I read further pretending that whatever I can assimilate. Once upon a time, however, came across something that changed my life. It was an article about a program that uses the energy of fuzyjną, magic, unicorn dust and quantum physics to turn a "few clicks" into a fully functional game. This program was RPG Maker XP. Wow. What was the need for me more to live? Excited about what I achieved I started looking for this program to download. After a monotonous search I managed to find it. I click "Download" and staring in the download bar, which is slowly moving toward 100%. Hypnotized by the progress bar I began to spin about fame, admiration and business worth millions… No… billions of dollars!!! "File downloaded". Turn on the program. The RPG maker window opens. Eyes pop out of the orbits and a banana appears on the face. Not knowing how to start creating a game I start to click headlong into the moment until something comes up. They fly days and nights, and I click on without having a clue what I'm doing. After a while, I finished playing with RPG maker and took it seriously-I started to do the first game. After a few weeks from the abyss of the digital world emerges-my first game. Nasty boring locations, dialogues with bugs, default graphics with RPG Maker, repetitive quests, no music, sounds. Well, just a miracle in which everyone wanted to play. I shared this game on one of the Polish for RPG maker. It was mixed with mud, challenged from the worst but for me it was still beautiful. Next months went by with RPG maker. There were more and better productions (eventually I learned that RPG Maker supports its own Ruby scripts – Ojoj, what happened then. Search for the Polish and foreign for in search of fireworks to play. New menus, lighting, new options for game mechanics.). However, at some point this whole converter "clicks, fusion Energy, magic, unicorn dust and quantum physics" on the game began to get me just bored. Looking for something new, I began to ask in various forums questions about whether they recommend a program. As a response I received (and many times from different people) "learn some programming language and use it to do games." Well, yes I did. Fell on C++. And in it I gained the first milestones in programming. First Hello World!, circle and crosses in the console, text adventure games. The language I learned from the quite leciwej already book "The C++ course-from zero to the encoder Games" by Kamila Kuczmarskiego. With C++, however, was no longer as colorful as with RPG maker. The trouble began to emerge when I wanted to enter the "higher level" and create a game with graphics. I first spent hours and then bottom reading "How to do it." I read that I need something like a "graphics library". SFML, SDL, OpenGL, Allegro… I didn't know what to choose. Following the advice and opinions of others I chose Allegro. Supposedly the simplest and best for beginners. As it turned out, these people from "Allegro is the simplest and best for beginners" were nasty liars! As a 12-13-year-old boy I could not even run a finished example of the documentation Allegro and the compiler was my greatest nemesis (because it was by him I could not run their code-as it turned out, it was due to misconfiguration Environment and compiler… Well, but from where I could know I was 12 years old!). Upset I went back to the starting points. I had to look again for something other than RPG Maker which would allow me to create the game. This time, however, I was richer with basic programming knowledge, I knew what the conditions, variables, functions, and how to use them, would combine to create a coherent code doing "something". The Internet has turned into my excavation. I dug more deeply to finally find the Porządany program. libraries, frameworks, engines and suddenly it appears on: Game Maker. Another program click2game, but this time more complex, because it did not limit me only to RPG games. In Game maker, I spent more time than in the RPG maker. I made a pair of games that looked like done by a chimp who was ill with autism but most importantly they had a main menu button to give donations! (yes, next I wanted to make millions.). The greatest achievements belonged to: My fruits-where a certain Sztefan (not Stefan, Sztefan) is to collect as many fruits falling from the tree and not let any fallen into the ground, Shmup Untitled-in which latałeś Matiz in space And your goal was to destroy the incoming asteroid, Pet – nothing other than the handicapped brother of Tamagotchi on the PC, and the unfinished platformer of the Knights with realistic physics (in which gravity on the ground was equal to roughly gravity on The moon and allowed to play in the mutant kangaroo on the caffeine copy). I did another game. Game for the game, but I felt constantly unsatisfied. Game Maker is (and still is) a great tool but then I was missing something. When making another game in "GMie" came across the internet for something that called to Unity3D. Unity… 3d… I did not know what it was (except that it used to make games), but this name has already meant that in my head began to give birth ideas for what I can use. Randy on "The Next stage of evolution" I downloaded and installed the mysterious "Unity3D". First launch and returned memories of the first firing of RPG maker. "What to do here?" "What happens as I click this?" "Is it edible?" Unlike RPG maker, however, many of the same here do not zdziałałem, this tool was already too complicated to learn by "random". So I had to look for some guides. Przemierzyłem the whole world… i.e. YouTube until I came across the guides mepi.pl. I watched the episode behind the episode. Slowly dowiadywałem how to add a player, how to program his move, how to make shooting, opponents, until I made his first game. about how wonderful the title "Ufo Combat". Now, guess what it was. You do not know? I will tell you. It was about fighting with UFOs. It was a simple shmup, the player played in a fighter pilot and his goal was to destroy enemy spacecraft. Her first testers were my colleagues. "Best Graphics ~ mate" "GOTY ~ Another colleague" "This game sets new standards in the industry ~ even more another colleague." Sometimes I wonder why everyone called themselves mate… But no matter, let's go back to the topic. The game was poor, very poor. Used the finished models and graphics drawn in Paint. But this was another step in development. Unity engine itself so much I fell to my liking that I was sitting in it until today. (I rarely leave it. Just as I have to do shopping or go to school.) Further projects have been established. Increasingly ambitious. More elaborate. Never finished. (apart from the two/three mediocre gierkamis that I published there somewhere. I have no idea even after that.) However, with every such project I more and more. Until now. When I released my first commercial game. Sky Dash. A simple mobile arcade game. On the idea of its execution I ran accidentally. I just found that my skills are already at such a level that I can already do something good enough to be commercial. However, I did not know what it could be a game. The project began to emerge on the way of elimination. PC or mobile game… Making a PC game will take a lot of time and consume too much money – I'm doing a mobile. Expanded, some dungeon Crawler, shmup, role-playing game or maybe something simpler but difficult for the player? I do not have enough graphics skills to do something nice and elaborate, or enough budget to pay for graphics-I do something simpler. What is there to walk in this game… Another Flappy Bird clone? No, I don't like zgapiać and these clones are too much on the market. Maybe some endless runner? 3d not because much of such. 2d horizontal also not because it's a classic two-dimensional runner. It can be vertically! At! That's the thought! Only gravity acting from the side is a little weak idea… It can make jumping between walls! Now the question is "what is the challenge of gameplay?". Can circular saws on the walls and grind the player as in Super Meat Boy with cool spilling effects of blood? Damn, you have the guy's head! And now it was the most difficult choice. What technology to use… Many to choose I did not. Unity or C# Xamarin and MonoGame. I have already known other technologies such as Delta Engine, however, I did not know them like Unity or MonoGame. Finally I chose Unity3D. I knew them best, I felt more confident than MonoGame and the engine did a lot of things for me, which in MonoGame I to do "on foot." And so I joined the work. Slowly was the map generator, when he was already able to create a map without obstacles I took the creation of a player. Minimize Unity and ran Inkscape. I made a placeholderową graphic player character and imported into Unity. It was known to you well green Glutek (because what inego outside Glutkiem can get cool rozpaćkać after contact with the saw?), which is currently in the game. Glutek was so sweet, though, that I was foolish to kill him so brutally, so I found that naniosę minor changes to the design would be less brutal. I put on the laundry. Because what other people are hanging outside the building. They can still be antennas, but the antennas are such a little interesting. After the tests, however, it turned out that the game is not as difficult as it was to be. That's why I added new Przeszkadzajki to her, which are meteorites. The creative process continued. I have come across more and more recent problems (like the fact that the game had FPS drops on some phones). When I fixed one error appeared second and so over and over again, until the climax, ie… Release the game. Sky Dash (because it was called the game) landed on Google Play, has gained good ratings from the people who had somehow happened until it was lost in depths market and "not knocked." The release of this game, however, taught me a lot and come I did not get it materially I gained experience, which I can share with other people who do not yet release their first product behind.

2Science and

Consider 5 times the technology selection. Under simple games use simple tools, under complex advanced. Unity is a powerful tool, even very powerful and it is its main flaw in Sky Dash. The mechanics of the game is simple, it does not require any advanced physical computations, Pathfindingu, complex animations, etc. If I were to do Sky Dash for the second time it take another tool, simpler. Why? The complexity of the engine bite semicolon the simplicity of the game and caused various bugs and performance issues.

1Science II

Advertising on the forums or lists of applications has a very small conversion rate that is how to translate the application in such a forum/list of the number of downloads. You will lose time in this unnecessarily. At the top of the forums you can find a few people who are happy to help you test your game. Paid advertising type Facebook gives Rezulaty good, but on one condition: well set the audience. For the test I invested some gold in advertising on Facebook. I created two campaigns. One aimed at people more uogólnionyc H, the other directed to people who like casual games, playing mobile games of a certain age. The first (this general) has brought up all 0 downloads! The second, more detailed, already better because a few downloads from it fell (the amount of advertising was small, so and the number of downloads too). Probably if I had even more clarified audience for the second campaign the result would be even better.

3Science III

The best market for Android games is… Google Play. I know this is ironic because in the end Sky Dash is not pierced in Google Play, but it still remains a shop with the most opportunities and users and eventually you will be able to break with your application. I do not intend to give up. I will try further. In addition to Google play, the game was also on the Amazon Appstore and SlideMe. On SlideMe reached somehow 120 downloads and on Amazon… 0 downloads. Why yes? Amazon does not promote new games. No ads nothing much in this store.

Link to Google Play


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