Creating a game is not an easy task. It knows everyone who started his career starting with the creation of MMORPG. Often the completion of even a small project requires a lot of self and work. Therefore, it is so important to maintain a high morale, your and your team.

Creating a game is often difficult to see the results of his work, often it turns out that something is not working and do not know why, and sometimes it happens that part of the work must be done again, because somewhere at the ground was a mistake, which did not allow to go forward. It's easy for moments of doubt and anger.

For the above reasons, it is important to have an appropriate action plan. The separation of the tasks as small and simple as possible, which will be deleted as done after the work has been completed. A mere checkmark or deletion of another position can make people aware that they are approaching the goal.

And here are some obvious tips:
If you believe in your project and you can share it with others when it's not finished yet, do so. Knowing that someone is interested in you will probably motivate you for further work.
Try to constantly get pleasure from what you do. Then the work will not work.
When you feel that what you're doing irritates you, give yourself a break by the moment before explode. Sometimes the best solutions come to mind when you're not thinking about the problem.

Do you have any tricks to maintain high morale when creating a game?

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