Windowframe Review

Windowframe1Windowframe is another of those small games that will pass through the world does not done a bigger career. Not because they are weak, but because of a poor promotion. and A pity.

Each of you probably changed the size of the window once in Windows. And if any of you have thought about it, to change this option in something that will opatra the game? Not? Me too, and Windowframe it does!

In fact, this game is an ordinary platformer in which we jump on different boards, avoiding obstacles and fighting opponents. The game window still follows the player, making only a piece of the nearest area. However, we have the possibility to shoot in the frame of the window to freeze it, and additionally we can move it to influence the various elements of the world. You can not jump somewhere? No problem, lift up the floor.

Even such a simple game has a certain purpose. We are fighting with vampires. Every few levels we encounter the boss, who also can manipulate the game window.

Once in a while we are cast new challenges and this is done in a very efficient way. Usually, before we have to face the new mechanics, somewhere we can observe how it works. However, even if we are forced to test something by trial and error, this is not so terrible, because the levels are very short and the time from death to the point where we are again in action, is a moment.

From the beginning poirytował me the lack of ability to save the game, until I przyjżałem a better window that translates control in the game. There is a Skip Level button here! The game knows that it is here to give pleasure to the player.

Trivia: The game was created as a work done on the people of Dare. So you should take part in such contests. This is a super exercise.Windowframe2

The game can be downloaded for free at the following link.

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