Short or long games?

MaxresdefaultMany times I have heard complaining about people that a game is too short that it is not worth the amount that the creator is asking for it. But how is it really?

Still not so long ago, I myself was such a narzekaczem for too short a game until I realized how many games, of those in which I played, I graduated. Speaking I graduated I mean only the main thread, without side quests.

Honestly, I can't recall the game I've undergone over the past few years… Well maybe outside of the scenarios in CIV (if that counts). Analyzing this I came to the conclusion that I devoted 40 hours to Pillars of Eternity, and I came only halfway through the game. I also doubt that I can find time to return to this title. A little bit of me is sad.

Therefore, I began to look favorably at these shorter games, because they are able to give me 100% of myself. If I reach the memory well, the Seven game I've seen on Digital Dragons boasted that it can be completed in 5-10 hours, but tasks and side-activities can be very prolonged this time. I think it's a tradeoff between long and short games, but it won't work for all players. An example I am myself. Usually do not tear to perform the main thread of the game, or rather try to do all the things that throws me the game. This is some pervert player who is at the hundredth level and so running out of dzbankiem milk to the baker, just to pass all the quests in the area and do not miss something.

So how do you create games? You have to think about who addresses a particular title. If the kids, this long game will not be a hindrance. Younger people usually have a lot of time that they can devote to playing. Otherwise, it looks when the target is the elderly, often having a job and a family that needs attention. For such people, time-management per day for virtual fun can be a big challenge.

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